Volatile organic compounds or "VOCs" are emitted into the air we breathe from products such as carpets, paint, glues and copiers. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, VOCs contain a variety of harmful chemicals that can cause health problems ranging from headaches and eye irritation to cancer and liver damage.

To help detect dangerous levels of VOCs indoors or outdoors, Casella USA has introduced its VOC Pro™ battery-powered, portable VOC monitor. Using sensitive Photo-Ionization Detection (PID) technology the VOC Pro rapidly detects hundreds of different types of VOCs in an extensive range of 0.1 ppm (particles per million) to 20,000 ppm with the optional dilution probe. A 10.6eV lamp is standard, with an optional 11.7eV version available for ionizing chlorinated compounds. The UV lamp is easy to maintain and clean, according to the manufacturer.

TWA, STEL and Average values are displayed on the VOC Pro's large, easy to read display, and an integral pump provides a fast sampling response. An ergonomic design with textured grip and large keys makes the VOC Pro easy to carry and use, even while wearing protective gloves.