Honeywell Power Products introduces the IPGSM-COM , a UL-listed primary fire alarm communicator providing Contact ID reporting via IP (Internet Protocol) or GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) cellular pathways. While simple to install and operate, the IPGSM-COM offers a more reliable, cost-effective monitoring alternative by eliminating the communications difficulties and monthly charges generally associated with legacy circuit-switched phone lines. The IPGSM-COM is UL-Listed to provide full Contact ID data reporting for virtually any fire alarm control panel.

Utilizing the Honeywell AlarmNet network, a unique triple-path redundancy provides superior connectivity for life safety systems. An IP path is used forprimary communications and GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) GSM cellular for back-up. Should GPRS be unavailable, the unit switches over to SMS (a.k.a. text message) communications. A 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard is used to secure data traveling through each pathway.

Fire alarm signals are transmitted to central stations through Honeywell's AlarmNet network. As the largest service provider of fire and security signal transport services in the U.S., AlarmNet has built a network of redundant hardware servers and communication paths. Two locations of back-up databases are equipped with battery and generator backup, along with technical support 24/7 for uninterrupted service. The AlarmNet Direct suite of web-based tools provides dealers an easy means to register, program, monitor, and command compatible products such as the IPGSM-COM.

Migration of the telecommunications circuit-switched legacy network to broadband and IP-based communications, as outlined in the National Broadband Plan Public Notice #25 from AT&T , has caused many dealers and facility managers to seek alternative methods for the reporting of fire alarm signals. By utilizing a facility's existing IP network for communications and eliminating two phone lines per fire alarm control panel, the IPGSM-COM offers a potential cost-savings of $60 per phone line, per month. Multiple building owners associated with retail and hotel chains, office parks, hospital and school campuses, retirement communities, and more are prime candidates for the enhanced reliability and cost-saving benefits of the IPGSM-COM. This IP and cellular technology is also ideal for facilities where phone lines are not available, such as auxiliary buildings on campuses and military bases.

-- Honeywell Power Products