Autani Corporation, manufacturer of intelligent energy management and building control systems, has released the next generation of StatCenter, its wireless building-automation system. This innovation affords building owners the benefits of comprehensive building controls at a significantly reduced cost relative to traditional, wired systems.  Stand-alone thermostats can now be upgraded to create a Building Automation System accessible from anywhere within the building or over the internet using a standard web browser.  

System highlights include:

-      Wireless thermostats with extended signal range reduce installation costs and improve return on investment.
-      Scalable to hundreds of thermostats.
-      Remote StatCenter systems can be accessed through the internet.
-      Alarms and alerts are dispatched via email or text.
-      Upgradeable to Autani’s Energy Management System with no additional hardware costs.

“We are excited to be able to deliver this level of functionality and energy saving features in the StatCenter system while delivering a low-cost installation and ease of system operation that makes StatCenter such a compelling value to our customers” said Robert Johnson, CEO, Autani Corporation.

About StatCenter
StatCenter is ideally suited for retrofit and new construction applications with packaged, DX, split system, fan coil or unitary HVAC systems using up to three heating and two cooling stages. Scalable to hundreds of devices, the StatCenter system uses advanced auto-commissioning and wireless mesh networking technology to connect with each thermostat. 

StatCenter is upgradable to Autani’s full energy management system, which includes lighting and plug load control and is available with a remote access web portal that supports central management of hundreds of remote sites with the StatCenter system.