ANEC Ltd, a specialist systems integration and technical project management company, and Spinwave Systems, a leading developer of wireless energy management systems, have integrated Spinwave’s wireless network and sensor system with ONCALL’s data collection, trending, and alerting engine. The integration is intended to create a cost-effective, highly scalable, flexible new option for optimizing data center energy usage, preventing server downtime, and increasing the longevity of existing IT equipment.

The new integrated system is a complete solution for comprehensive server room monitoring, providing data on:

- Energy consumption
- Site power and UPS status
- Key performance indicators and trends
- Status of devices and processes
- Systems availability
- All rack environmental factors, including temperature and humidity
- Cooling status and efficiency
- WAN/LAN circuit and essential network service availability

ANEC’s ONCALLTM system monitors the whole spectrum of IT infrastructure and supporting utility services from chip to chiller, including network services, providing continuous information about energy consumption, availability status, and performance. ONCALL is a highly scalable Windows Client/Server system designed to capture sensor metrics from common but diverse infrastructure and plants. ONCALL communicates simultaneously with gateways and appliances connected to local area networks using TCP/IP protocols.

Spinwave’s proven wireless energy management system, a flexible mesh network of wireless sensors and I/O modules, when combined with ONCALL as an applications front-end, provides organizations of all sizes and complexities with real-time visibility of key metrics through context related topology views. The network of wireless temperature and humidity sensors, paired with wireless I/O, allows users the flexibility to configure sensing solutions for all types of data centers quickly and with reduced installation costs.

The ability to easily place a large number of temperature sensors in many locations is especially important as organizations increasingly rely on blade servers to reduce energy usage. Blade servers, which have a much higher and more unpredictable heat output, make extensive, accurate temperature sensing more critical than ever before. The enhanced temperature and humidity sensing that the Spinwave network provides can reduce IT equipment failure due to environmental factors such as heat, condensation, and corrosion.

The ANEC-Spinwave system provides reports on demand, while stored data and instantaneous processing enables trend and alarm histories to be viewed at all times. The system also provides users with correlations and trend information to help them better forecast energy usage, verify energy-use reduction programs, and identify opportunities to reduce data center energy usage. The new integration also adds Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU device support to A.N.E.C.’s services.