Johnson Controlshas released v3.10 of its P2000 Security Management System. In this latest upgrade of the P2000 security management system, the software builds upon the existing system and provides new Internet Protocol (IP) reader/controller integrations, as well as digital video integrations.

The P2000 system now integrates with the Johnson Controls S321-IP controller and two new IP reader/controllers, Johnson Controls PowerNet by ISONAS and HID® Edge. The two latter devices are Power over Ethernet (PoE) compliant, enabling a single ethernet cable to power the device and share data between the device and the system. Another P2000 system innovation is its integration with Fujitsu PalmSecure™. The Fujitsu Palm-Secure scanner takes advantage of vain patterns that are unique to individuals. It gives customers a touch less, non-invasive bio-identity with a high level of accuracy.

The system also integrates with additional Digital Video Recording (DVR) systems, including Milestone, Genetec™, Nextiva™, and Panasonic® products. The intuitive graphical user interface includes all standard features of the P2000 system and allows authorized users to manage recording and Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) functions of many cameras from a single workstation.

The P2000 Security Management System also provides seamless integration into Johnson Controls Metasys® building management system. This enables building system operators to access security features of the P2000 from the Metasys user interface. Users can view alarms and messages, send access control commands and interlock events.

Additional new features of the P2000 v3.10 upgrade include:
  • Cost Effective Eight Door Reader Interface Module – This module enables the user to control eight fully configured doors in a much smaller footprint and at a lower price level.
  • Track and Report Hours on Site – System enhancements allow operators to track and record the duration that a card holder is located in a predefined zone within a facility, including the point of entry and exit times.
  • Automatic Workstation Updates – The system supports the automatic distribution of software updates to workstations, eliminating the need to locally update when new software or service is released.
  • New Real-Time Map Features – New features for the real-time map make it easier to edit and specify map design and text. The real-time map displays the current status of terminals, inputs, outputs and other defined elements on a map layout of the facility.
-- Johnson Controls