Casella USA, the North American subsidiary of UK-based Casella Measurement, has introduced its Insight™ data management software. Insight is targeted at occupational safety professionals who require a centralized solution for downloading, managing and reporting exposure data collected from multiple instruments.

"Rather than using a myriad of software applications from many instruments, our new software allows data to be downloaded and stored into one package," explained Bob Selwyn, Vice President of Sales, Casella USA. "Data is maintained on a secure database where it can be analyzed to determine if action is necessary to reduce exposure in the workplace. In addition, reports can be generated combining multiple hazards simultaneously, such as noise and dust, streamlining the reporting and sharing process."

Insight will support the full line of current Casella instruments, including personal air samplers, dust and particulate meters, heat stress meters, and noise monitors. It also manages the user's instrument inventory and calibration requirements. New instruments can be added at any time, plus existing data from other earlier Casella software packages can be downloaded into Insight, enabling professionals to take full advantage of its capabilities. Simplistic tree structures manage data by person, process or workplace location while a color coding system organizes results by exposure level. To increase workflow speed, templates are provided to generate reports for local legislation, such as OSHA, or to be customized as simply or comprehensively as required.

Facilities are provided for backing up and restoring the user's database to safeguard the results for even greater security and exporting results in a range of standard formats is also provided to integrate with other popular office programs such as spreadsheets and word processors.

Suggested applications for Casella Insight™ software are:

Occupational Exposure Assessment
Compliance with Health & Safety Legislation
Record Keeping of Occupation Exposures
Reducing Occupational Exposure
Exposure Source Identification

Casella Insight™ software runs on Microsoft® Windows® XP, Vista and 7 operating systems. Call 800-366-2966 to request your free 30 day trial copy of Casella Insight featuring the first 3 instrument plug-ins. For more information, please email On the web at