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The ETL-Listed inducers are available in RT and RTH versions. RT models are designed for exhausting gas or oil heating equipment, gas fireplaces and ovens. These units include a fan-proving switch, plus Tjernlund offers several optional heater interlock controls, including the UCRT combination interlock and speed control. RTH models are designed for sold fuel fireplaces, stoves, ovens, BBQ’s and general purpose exhausting. RTH models include a wall mount speed control. Both versions come in two capacity ranges - from 250 to 750 cfm and 750 to 1,500 cfm.

The Tjernlund inducers can be mounted on tile-lined chimneys or metal flues and have variable speed motors for fine-tuning each installation. Other features include a patented auxiliary cooling system to protect the fan motor from excessive heat as well as backward inclined fan blades that repel soot build-up. The clam shell design - separate base plate and fan assembly are hinged for, easier installation. During inspection or servicing, the fan assembly can be tilted away from the base plate for maximum accessibility to the chimney or vent pipe interior.