WattStopper has announced four new multi-way wall switch occupancy sensors for code-compliant lighting control in commercial spaces with more than one entrance or switch location. The sensors provide convenient full-function multi-way control and install easily using traditional three- and four-way wiring. The product offering includes the industry’s first dual relay multi-way occupancy sensors, facilitating economical control of bi-level lighting or multiple loads. Multi-way sensors are available in passive infrared (PIR) and WattStopper’s patented dual technology models.

An addition to WattStopper’s extensive PW/UW/DW line, the multi-way sensors are equipped with the same powerful features as previously introduced products. They include the PW-103N single relay PIR sensor with selectable LED nightlight with three color options; PW-200 dual relay PIR sensor; DW-103 single relay dual technology sensor; and DW-203 dual relay dual technology sensor. Up to four sensors may be wired together to provide full control from any switch location for spaces such as conference rooms, break rooms, and unusually shaped spaces.

The multi-way sensors provide out-of-the box automatic-on operation, and turn lighting on whenever any one of the connected sensors detects occupancy. Dual relay sensors are factory configured to turn only the first load on automatically; a control strategy shown to save the most energy. Lighting can be turned off manually from any of the sensors, and if manual-on operation is preferred, sensors may be quickly adjusted while installed in the wall box. When the space is no longer occupied, lighting will automatically turn off following a time delay that begins when the last sensor ceases to detect occupancy.

The PW and DW multi-way wall switch sensors provide 180° coverage and include advanced features such as auto-set, walk-through and test modes as well as adjustable time delay and sensitivity. They operate on 120/230/277 VAC and are available in five colors.