The BAS Remote series provide the system integrator a flexible building block when integrating diverse building automation protocols or when expanding the number of points in a building automation system. By supporting open system protocols such as BACnet®, Modbus and Sedona Framework SOX, the BAS Remote series is easily adaptable.

For small systems, it can operate stand-alone. For larger systems, it can communicate to supervisory controllers over Ethernet. Depending upon the model, the BAS Remote has the flexibility to provide the following:

Versatile Control Device
Remote I/O, Router, Gateway and Controller

    * Web-page configuration
    * BACnet/IP Remote I/O
    * Modbus TCP Remote I/O
    * Modbus Serial to Modbus TCP Router
    * Modbus Serial to BACnet/IP Gateway
    * Modbus Master to Attached Modbus Slaves
    * Powered by Sedona Framework™ Controller
    * Power over Ethernet (PoE)
    * Customizable webpages
    * Web Services

Flexible Input/Output
Expandable by adding modules

    * Six universal input/output points web-page confi gurable
    * Two relay outputs
    * Thermistors, voltage, current, contract closure and pulse inputs
    * Voltage, current and relay outputs
    * 2-wire Modbus Serial Expansion port
    * 2-wire expansion port for up to three expansion I/O modules