MAMAC Systems Inc. has introduced a compact, simple and inexpensive sensor appliance. This device puts remote building sensing, alarming and control within reach of every building owner. The tool is the Maverick IP Sensor Appliance.

The Maverick product is aimed at owners of small- and medium-sized buildings that desire to remotely monitor and control building climate conditions, but cannot justify the expenditure for a complex automation system, or the staffing to learn to use and maintain such systems.

Monitoring and control can be done from any device utilizing a web browser. The Maverick can also be used to send instant alarms to owners upon deviations from preset building conditions. The Maverick appliance incorporates a web server, analog/digital inputs, and relay outputs and can be powered with any 24 VAC transformer.

The Maverick can log the data of each input in a standard CSV file which can be reviewed with Word, Excel, or comparable software. The CSV file can be attached to the email alerts to show log history. The appliance can also display the logged data as an adjustable graph.

The unit is simply plugged into a hub or router and it is ready to relay information or accept control signals. A site connection through a computer is not required. The Maverick has its own on-board server and is ready to connect directly to the Internet. Access is through the default IP address provided. No custom software is required.

The Maverick is available in two configurations: one with four sensor inputs and four relay outputs, and one with eight sensor inputs. The relay outputs can be used for applications including fan or pump operation, starting standby heating or cooling equipment, or any other operation that can be initiated with a relay.

The Maverick IP Sensor Appliance is entirely manufactured at MAMAC’s facility in Chanhassen, Minnesota. It does not require additional software and no licensing or royalty payments are required for users.