Viconics Electronics Inc is pleased to announce the release of the VBZS (Viconics BACnet Zoning System). This system is a native BACnet-based changeover bypass type zone control system offering features only found on the most complex networked controls systems yet as simple to install as a standard wall-mount thermostat.

The VBZS features pre-programmed zoning system algorithms, automatic binding of time schedules, and heating and cooling demands and on-board menu driven set-up /configuration tool for ease of installation. The system’s unique energy saving features such as an integrated PIR sensor and adjustable heating and cooling lockouts enable energy savings during occupied periods.

The system integrates easily into existing or new BACnet based supervisory systems prevalent in today’s marketplace. This allows you to offer customers a scalable core-energy-management system, which can be mixed and matched with others for future expansion.

The VBZS represents a breakthrough in mid-market building control systems. Offering all of the most used functionality, BACnet scalability, and interoperability without the complex installation, engineering tools and time consuming commissioning associated with most systems. These milestones equate to a lower total first installed cost, and superior return on investment to endusers.