American Ultraviolet Company has introduced a high-output (800mA), low-mercury (≤ 8 mg) UVC lamp for disinfecting air and water in commercial and residential environments. These easy-to-dispose of “green” lamps, which are also available as standard output (425mA) lamps, have been tested and validated to effectively perform for 17,000 hrs (two years) when operated on high frequency electronic ballasts from the company.

John Andros, chief operating officer for American Ultraviolet Company, stated “specifiers and facilities engineers have requested a low-mercury UVC lamp that can be disposed of in normal land fills without being treated as hazardous waste.” Andros continued, “though previously available as soft-glass germicidal standard output (425mA) lamps, we now can offer our customers low-mercury (≤ 8 mg), high-output (800mA) lamps, which are considerably more effective at quickly cleaning up mold-laden and fouled coils, thus increasing HVAC operating efficiency and equipment life, and, of course, improving indoor air quality through pass-by disinfection of airborne viruses and bacteria.”