The Uptime Institute will present this annual, collaborative, all-stakeholder symposium, a two-day landmark data center design innovation event. The event, titled, Data Center Energy Efficiency by Design Engineering & Managing Site Infrastructure of the Future, will take place October 28-30, 2007 in Santa Fe, NM.

As the first in a series of new, professional knowledge events for all stakeholders concerned with the future of high performance IT equipment, energy efficiency, and data center sustainability, the Charrette’s goal is an industry roadmap of best practice data centers that are energy efficient, reliable, concurrently maintainable, and fault-tolerant. Ken Brill, executive director of the Uptime Institute will chair the Charrette, and Jon Koomey, of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory will co-moderate it.

There will also be two special adjunct events to the 2007 Design Charrette:

  • The EPA Energy Star Proposed Server Specifications Dinner -- Andrew Fanara of the EPA will lead a dinner discussion on October 30, immediately following the conclusion of the Design Charrette, starting with an overview of the EPA's presentation to Congress, followed by a Q&A session.

  • The EPA Energy Star Proposed Server Specifications Workshop. On October 31, Fanara will lead a one-day Server Specifications Workshop on the EPA report, where attendees can give feedback on the specifications that should be included in an Energy Star-rated server.

  ComputerSite Engineering, Inc.®, an engineering and management consulting firm affiliated with the Uptime Institute, Inc.®, will be integrally involved in the Charrette. As part of ComputerSite Engineering’s sponsorship of the event, the firm’s team of renowned consultants will be on-hand to discuss data center planning and upgrades with Charrette attendees.

Each of ComputerSite Engineering’s consultants come from a data center management background and include such industry experts as Pitt Turner, a principal in the firm and the company’s acting president; Hank Seader; Terry Altom; Rick Schuknecht and Vince Renaud. Said Renaud of the team’s collective experience: “We understand the heartache of ownership and operation.”

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