Air Handling Systems along with UNLV (University of Nevada Las Vegas) are introducing a new Woodworking Dust Collection course. This three-day program is an educational conference on designing, testing, and operating woodworking dust collection systems. Included is step-by-step design advice and hands-on information from industry experts. This conference is designed to combine presentations with problem sessions on how to design, test, and troubleshoot ventilation systems that will provide the desired control over the woodworking environment, IAQ issues, and how to meet the constraints of air pollution control and energy limits. The purpose of this conference is to address air quality issues and help you provide ventilation which is effective and economical through proper application of established principles based on the ACGIH Industrial Ventilation Manual, the source of ventilation guidelines contained in OSHA standards. Topics include: Principals of Air Flow, Hood Design, Fan Selection, Recirculation of Exhaust Air, Duct Design, Air Cleaning Devices, Replacement Air, System Testing, and Indoor Air Quality. Conference dates and location: April 20 - April 22, 2004, The Colony, New Haven, CT. For more information contact Air Handling Systems at 800-367-3828 or UNLV Professional Development Center at 702-895-3598.