Air Handling Systemsalong withUNLV(University of Nevada Las Vegas) is introducing a new Woodworking Dust Collection course. This three-day program is an educational conference on designing, testing, and operating woodworking dust collection systems. Included is step-by-step design advice and hands-on information from industry experts.

The new course is specially designed with woodworking facilities in mind. Air Handling Systems teamed up with UNLV Professional Development Center which has run the HVAC & Industrial Ventilation Conference for many years. Designed especially for plant managers, owners, operation managers, shop foreman, and anyone in the woodworking and ventilation industry who is involved with designing, specifying, or retrofitting a woodworking dust collection system.

The conference will be held April 20, 2004 through Thursday April 22, 2004 in New Haven, CT. For more information visit