HydroTherm’s KN self-adaptive, high-efficiency, gas-fired boilers feature Mestek’s Tru-Flow™ technology to control the air fuel mixture at all firing rates and venting conditions.

Boilers / Water Heaters

HydroThermwill feature its full line of KN self-adaptive, high-efficiency, gas-fired boilers at the Expo. All KN boilers (the KN-6, a 600,000 Btu model; the KN-10, a 1 million Btu model; and the new KN-20, a 2 million Btu unit) are ideal for use in demanding heating applications, including schools, hospitals, large apartments, and office buildings. Each unit features Mestek's Tru-Flow™ technology to control the air fuel mixture at all firing rates and venting conditions as well as a low-noise blower, unique air inlet, and low velocity burner for whisper-quiet operation.

The KNIGHT line of commercial boilers from Lochinvar offers a fully modulating burner with 5:1 turndown and a cascading feature that allows multiple boilers to be controlled by one central boiler. The turndown feature allows a KNIGHT boiler to generate as much or as little heat necessary to provide a consistent, stable indoor temperature. The KNIGHT offers a simple SMART SYSTEM™ operating control with a user-friendly interface. Plus, the boiler's self-diagnostic features will interface with a PC to speed up service calls and show trends in energy consumption. The cascading feature means that no additional control must be purchased to get the money saving advantages of a sequencer in the KNIGHT.

Spirax Sarco, Inc., will exhibit its BDHR Series of packaged boiler blowdown heat recovery systems that are designed to recover up to 95% of the heat energy normally lost with conventional continuous blowdown separators. The resulting condensate can be used to preheat boiler makeup water, and the resulting flash steam can be used to heat the deaerator tank or for other fuel-saving uses. As they recycle waste energy, BDHR systems cool boiler blowdown to 140°F or less, acceptable for discharge to municipal wastewater systems. The modules are available with eight sizes of centrifugal blowdown vessels ranging from 8 in. to 26 in., with capacities from 100 lb/hr to 100,000 lb/hr.

RBI's next generation of sealed combustion, direct vent Futera boilers will be on display. The boilers feature full modulation and 3:1 turndown, and are designed to supply the precise amount of heat necessary to maintain desired building temperature by matching heating demand without over-firing and wasting energy. Models are available ranging from 500 to 2, 000 Mbh to meet any heating demand or application. In addition to the new Futera III Series Boilers, RBI will also display the LCD and Dominator Series boilers and water heaters during the AHR Expo.

Smith Cast Iron Boilers will feature its 28HE Series high-efficiency boiler at the Expo. The 28HE Series offers the highest combustion and thermal efficiencies possible with forced draft firing, and is the most efficient commercial steam boiler on the market today. It offers thermal and combustion efficiencies of up to 86% for oil and 83% for gas, and is available in 15 basic sizes, with gross output ratings from 931 to 4,622 Mbh and can be used in either water or steam systems with light oil, gas, or gas/light oil.

The Peerless® Pinnacle® PI-399 gas-fired, commercial boiler from Peerless Boilers is available for either natural or LP gas. The direct-vent, sealed combustion boiler offers a fully modulating burner and 95% combustion efficiency. Standard features include spark ignition; a safety relief valve; the Krom Schroder gas valve - Venturi System; and a P125 control board, from which supply and return temperatures, flame signal, fan speed (firing rate), and more can be viewed from an LED module. A switch to "service mode" enables contractors to manually control the firing rate, and an optional interface module allows for the control of outdoor reset, dual temperature setpoints, and modulating sequencing of multiple boilers. Also available is PC software to display boiler status and fault history.

The QVM10 from Quietside Corporation is a wall-mounted, gas fired, dual-purpose hydronic heat system for space heating in addition to "on demand" DHW supply. Models are available in 90,000, 115,000 and 135,000 Btuh capacities, with a 95% AFUE efficiency level and an Ef of 0.88 together with Energy Star approval. These units are easy to install, feature sealed combustion, and are vented with Schedule 40 PVC/ABS.

Bryan Steam LLC will exhibit several products, including the new Bryan Compliance+® Series hot water and steam boilers featuring the company's new ultra low NOx boiler/burner design. These gas-fired boilers utilize the latest metal fiber burner technology combined with air-fuel ratio control and a PID controller to provide a 4:1 turndown ratio and corrected NOx levels of sub 12 ppm through the entire turndown range. The units are available as either hot water or steam (15 psig/150 psig) in four inputs: 2,100 Mbh, 2,400 Mbh, 2,700 Mbh, and 3,000 Mbh.

Also featured will be a cutaway of the RV Series boiler with the "rapid mix" combination gas/oil Gordon-Piatt forced draft burner. The boiler burner package is capable of achieving ultra low NOx with gas firing sub 9 ppm and reduced NOx on oil. Boilers equipped with this burner range in size from 5,500 Mbh to 8,000 Mbh and this burner is used to fire up to 21,000 Mbh with Bryan's RW Series boilers. The cutaway boiler provides an inside look at the boiler's exclusive single-sided tube removal, along with the other exclusive design and construction features of Bryan boilers.

Also on display is a special updated version of the DR Series boiler with a sub 30 ppm low NOx, power flame, forced-draft gas burner in sizes ranging from 350 Mbh to 850 Mbh. This version provides a look at the internals of the special boiler and burner. Two other related products to be shown are the new automatic surface and bottom blowdown systems, along with the Bryan tray-type deaerator, which is offered in ranges from 5,000 pph up through 300,000 pph.

Tranter PHE’s SUPERMAX® all-welded plate heat exchanger features alternating channels for hot and cold media, and can be configured to provide true countercurrent or co-current flow.

Heat Exchangers

Tranter PHE'sSUPERMAX® all-welded plate heat exchanger is designed as an alternative to shell and tube heat exchangers in elevated pressure and temperature applications. The unit is particularly suited to applications having a large flow imbalance, including gas or vapor condensers, economizers, and related process and energy service, for pressures up to 70 barg (1,015 psig) and at temperatures up to 537°C (1,000°F) for standard range units. With alternating channels for hot and cold media, the unit can be configured to provide true countercurrent or co-current flow. The SUPERMAX line offers two different diameters of circular plates. Nozzle sizes up to 300 mm (12 in.) can be accommodated on the shell side of the exchanger, offering higher steam and liquid flow rates. Nozzles on the plate side can be up to 100 mm (4 in.).

Onset Computer Corp.’s new HOBO® FlexSmart™ datalogger accepts a vast array of sensors via snap-in modules, simplifying energy monitoring applications.

Sensors / Transducers / Dataloggers

Extech Instrumentswill showcase its new 445815 humidity alert meter. Ideal for monitoring environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, and dewpoint) in laboratories, storage areas, manufacturing assembly areas, and other controlled environments, the Extech humidity alert meter features a user-settable alarm and will warn users, both audibly and visually, when adverse conditions occur. The 445815 calculates and displays the dewpoint reading and features a remote probe that can either clip onto the meter or extend on an 18-in. cable, where the user can take measurements behind walls, in ducts, or other areas that are difficult to access.

Setra Systems will be introducing the new Micro-Cal Model 869, ultra-low pressure and documenting calibrator at the Expo. The unit has been specifically designed for air handling processes in critical environments that require portable, high accuracy, and low-pressure documenting calibration to certify pressure needs by performing calibration checks on sensors with accuracies as high as .00025 in. wc. This battery-powered unit provides a minimum of eight hours of operation, while giving a pressure reading accuracy close to .0001 in. wc with fast, stable, and repeatable pressure generation better than .0003 in. wc.

The Low-NOx GreenLine 4000 from E Instruments Group provides the latest technology in portable flue gas analysis for compliance assurance monitoring, including up to four gas sensors and a patent-pending water trap. Measurements from 0 to 25 ppm NOx are available, with 0.1 ppm resolution. Analysis also extends to factors like combustion efficiency, excess air, and CO2 percentage calculations. Hydrocarbon measurements contribute to combustion safety, and true NOx capabilities are available with NO and NO2 sensors.

Onset Computer Corp. will feature its modular datalogging system, the new HOBO® FlexSmart™ datalogger, which accepts a vast array of sensors via snap-in modules, simplifying energy monitoring applications. Features include innovative, snap-in signal conditioning modules that convert signals from nearly any type of sensor; powerful software that makes set-up and deployment fast and easy; +0.25% full-scale accuracy over 0-20mA and 0-20VDC ranges; and 12V sensor excitation power with programmable warm-up times.

Testo will exhibit its CompactPro Series multifunction meters for advanced applications. The units are "working standard" meters that measure temperature, relative humidity, absolute pressure, pressure dewpoint, and equilibrium moisture (material moisture) using interchangeable probes. An industry-first wireless probe for temperature/humidity is available as an option for both the 635-1 and 635-2 models. This plug-and-play option allows hands-free measurements up to 20 meters (65 ft) away from the instrument. Humidity accuracy with the wireless option is a remarkable ±2% rh. Up to three wireless probes can be activated and displayed per instrument.


Selco Products Companyis introducing a new series of bulb and capillary thermostats featuring 30-A capacity and a variety of options designed to provide an excellent level of safety and flexibility. Suitable applications include a broad range of commercial and residential cooking appliances, pools and spas, electric heaters, deep fryers, laundry, and HVAC. The new thermostats are electro-mechanical on/off switches activated by temperature ranges from -4°F to 608°F (-20°C to 320°C) that open on temperature rise. All are available with a variety of mounting hardware for optimum installation flexibility. Spotlighted in the series is the Model SJW, featuring a "positive off" switch that forces the contacts to remain in the open position so the unit stays off without chance of restarting accidentally.

White-Rodgers will feature the 90 Series Blue touch screen thermostat, which is designed to deliver advanced features, including simple and logical installer menu setup; programming and operation with audio confirmation; temporary vacation overrides; filter-change reminders; temperature accuracy within +1°; and improved security features. The thermostat also features the industry's largest touch screen (12 in.) and temperature readout, as well as color-coded temperature keys and extra-large touch keys.


S&P-USAwill introduce a new line of ventilation fans and an in-line duct fan line at the Expo. The Vent Set arrangement #10 centrifugal fan features a high performance, non-overloading B.I. wheel for high efficiency and low sound. Galvanized steel construction and high-quality components are designed to provide the perfect balance of corrosion resistance, long service life, and competitive pricing. The TD-MIXEDFLOW in-line duct fan is available in eight sizes with standard round HVAC duct diameters. The innovative design incorporates a quiet mixed flow impeller, internal guide vanes, and high-efficiency external rotor motor. A clamshell removable housing permits removal of the motor/wheel assembly without disturbing the ductwork. Complete TD ventilation kits enable the fastest, most professional installation in a wide range of HVAC applications.

Twin City Fan & Blower will feature its BCRD-E power roof exhauster with polymeric housing. The specially formulated polymeric material provides the same long lasting characteristics of spun aluminum designs, but also offers impact, weather, corrosion, and UV resistance. The unit has been tested by UL in accordance with UL standards 94 746A and 746C.


Space-Raywill showcase its expanded line of unitized, low-intensity, gas-fired infrared LTU Series U-tube heaters, ETU/ETS Series heaters, and its complete line of LTS Series straight tube heaters, ceramic heaters, and radiant floor model heaters at the Expo. Available in both natural and propane gas, the LTU is suited for high air change environments and higher mounting rates of 12 ft or over. The line has been expanded to 21 different models with heating capacities from 40,000 to 250,000 Btuh.

Modine Manufacturing Company will feature its new Hot Dawg® Model HDS separated combustion garage heater. The new model is based on the existing Hot Dawg heater platform, with Btu inputs of 30,000, 45,000, 60,000, and 75,000. This new design offers improved efficiency, greater durability, and less maintenance. The unit draws its combustion air from the outside, which ensures it always has plenty of fresh, clean air to breathe, and will reduce concerns about dusty, dirty, or humid applications. As with the original, the new HDS features Modine's field-proven tubular heat-exchanger design. Both the HD and the new HDS are designed for use with natural gas or propane with fast, easy installation.

Motors / Drives

The AEGIS SGR™ conductive MicroFiber™ shaft grounding brush fromElectro Static Technologyis designed to improve the reliability of HVACR systems by dramatically extending motor life by protecting bearings from electrical damage for the life of the motor. The unit is installed by sliding the brush over either end of the motor shaft and locking it in place with simple screw-on mounting brackets; no machining is required, and the SGR can be installed in minutes - even in the field. The SGR is available in standard sizes to fit AC motors ranging from 1 to 1,500 hp with shaft diameters from 0.311 to 6.020 in. (8 mm to 153 mm). Larger sizes are available for shafts with diameters greater than 6 in.

Controls / BAS

Mitsubishi Electric HVAC Advanced Products Divisionwill present its CITY MULTI simultaneous cooling and heating two-pipe system at the Expo. Each component of the system, including the outdoor units, branch circuit (BC) controllers, and indoor units, is integrated through the CITY MULTI controls network (CMCN) for precise control of the temperature by varying the output of the outdoor unit to match the needs of the indoor space. The CMCN consists of remote controllers, timers, system controllers, centralized controllers, BMS interfaces, and integrated TG-2000 software that provide advanced, user-friendly control for each zone of a building. By using the software, the system can be expanded from 50 indoor units to an 2,000 indoor units such that the building manager can control or troubleshoot on an individual basis, group basis, or on all 2,000 indoor units collectively.

The new APR Control from Rawal Devices Inc. provides full capacity modulation for DX A/C systems of all sizes. Responding quickly to changing conditions, the unit is designed to efficiently control temperature and humidity to maximize comfort and eliminate excessive compressor cycling. The APR Control maintains the system in a dehumidifying mode without risk of coil icing or liquid slugging. The unit is suited for VAV systems where fluctuating or reduced airflow across the evaporator can cause coil icing and high-percentage makeup air systems where significant variations in the heat content of outside air can cause unusually frequent system cycling.

Johnson Controls introduces its Metasys field equipment controllers, a family of BACnet compatible devices used to control building heating, ventilation, and cooling. These controllers use standard master-slave/token-passing communications, state-based control techniques, continuous loop tuning, and pulse modulated adaptive control of staged devices. The combination of features results in less energy use, less equipment wear and tear, lower installed costs, tighter control of environmental conditions, and reduced service cost. It achieves all of this while using standard BACnet objects and communications. This convergence of advanced control technology with BACnet standards provides a solution that will yield long-term results for building operators and owners.

Distech Controls will showcase the new VAV controller line, recipient of the AHR's Innovation Award Honorable Mention, a LonWorks®-compatible VAV controller, which is designed to meet the requirements of any VAV or VVT controls application, including dual duct, and covers a wide range of sensors and actuators as well as many other types of HVAC and lighting applications. Features include wireless communication with up to 30 wireless, battery-less room sensors; support of wireless light switches and an option to send the command to any LonWorks lighting control system; optional second on-board pressure sensor for dual duct applications; and a new space temperature sensor with LCD with password protection, airflow balancing, and I/O visualization.

Contemporary Controls will feature its eight-port Skorpion switch for industrial automation systems. The Skorpion-8 complements its five-port brother, but with additional ports at a minimal cost. Features include a 0° to +60°C operating temperature range, power capability from either an unregulated DC power source (10 to 36V) or from an AC power source (8 to 24V, 47 to 63 Hz). The switch also has redundant power connections, troubleshooting LEDs, and is industrial EMC compliant as well as RoHS compliant. To aid troubleshooting, each port LED is lit solid if a valid link exists to an attached device, flashes to show activity, and indicates data rate by color: green for 100 Mbps and yellow for 10 Mbps. A separate green LED indicates the device is powered.

Computer Process Controls will exhibit its Control Link Platform that is designed to replace electromechanical equipment found in refrigerated cases with cutting-edge electronics, enabling communication to facility management systems and remote monitoring services. The platform can be installed in a variety of refrigeration and specialty applications. Temperature-terminated defrost maximizes energy savings and reduces product shrinkage. Controller alarms indicate dangerous conditions or maintenance issues. This controller is among the first of a new generation of communicating, application-specific controllers in the industry, enabling endusers to access and integrate a universe of data, which has never before been possible.

Reliable Controls will showcase its new MACH-Stat™, which features an I/O configuration of 10 inputs and eight outputs (each output being a socket into which a relay or universal output module can be inserted). The MACH-Stat combines the executive-style of the SSL with the high-performance and durability that were trademarked in the MACH-Vision™. The new MACH-Stat is easy to mount and complements any decor.

Tridium Inc.’s NiagaraAX is specifically designed to address the challenges of building device-to-enterprise applications, Internet-enabled products, and Internet-based automation systems.


Tridium Inc. will showcase its NiagaraAX, the latest version of its Niagara Framework®, a software framework specifically designed to address the challenges of building device-to-enterprise applications, Internet-enabled products, and Internet-based automation systems. NiagaraAX creates a common environment that connects to almost any embedded device imaginable, regardless of manufacturer or communication protocol, by modeling the data and behavior of devices into normalized software components, providing a seamless, uniform view of device data to the enterprise via a wide variety of IP-based protocols and XML-based connectivity options, and open APIs.

Tridium, Inc. will also exhibit its new Vykon Cost Profiler module, designed to further help companies manage their energy budgets, analyze rates, calculate actual costs, and reduce energy expenditures. Built on the Niagara Framework®, Vykon Cost Profiler is the latest reporting module for the company's Vykon Energy Suite®, a comprehensive enterprise energy management application that gathers, analyzes, and communicates up-to-date energy information based on real-time and interval data. Cost Profiler complements the existing reporting and analysis capabilities of the Vykon Energy Suite by allowing users to not only identify how much energy can be saved but also how much that energy is worth in real dollars. It delivers the information corporate and facility managers need to deal with energy in financial terms.

Distech will also showcase its Lonwatcher 3 network management tool, a feature-rich software program for fast and cost efficient set-up, commissioning, and maintenance of LonWorks® products and multi-vendor systems, and their interaction. Lonwatcher 3 is a tree-view oriented program, promoting a user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation through the network, regardless of the amount of devices. Features include a LonWorks network and device manager, capability to launch any LNS-based plug-ins from the application, and advanced user productivity features through batch and one-click operations.

Emerson Climate Technologies will exhibit its condition-based maintenance software, a patent-pending program that continually collects, analyzes, and monitors data from refrigeration equipment and systems. Instead of providing schedule-based preventative maintenance, this software indicates when service should be provided based on the health of the system. Electronic notifications are generated to retailers or a third-party provider only when in-store equipment service is required. This allows retailers to perform the right amount of maintenance to keep equipment operating at peak efficiency levels.

Emerson Climate Technologies will also showcase its Comfort Alert platform that combines active compressor protection and diagnostic capability. The platform features built-in communication, simplified controls for two-stage compressors, and three-phase-compressor active protection that protects the compressor from damaging conditions, including miswire and reverse rotation. It improves diagnostic accuracy by 60% and reduces callbacks by 50% to achieve faster, more accurate system troubleshooting and increase contractor profitability.

The new APR Control from Rawal Devices Inc. provides full capacity modulation for DX A/C systems of all sizes.

Air Conditioning Units

MovinCool'snew ceiling-mounted air conditioner provides supplemental cooling for hot spots caused by network servers. The unit provides up to 10,000 Btuh and runs on 115V. At 16 in. tall, the unit easily mounts in tight drop ceiling spaces. The unit's flexible ducting offers multiple cooling options, and a condensate pump is included.

The Bard "S" series is designed to be the most efficient wall-mounted air conditioner on the market, featuring a multi-step capacity compressor with green refrigerant R410A. It's designed to be ideal for new construction, modular applications, school modernization, telecommunication structures, and more. Additional product features include ECM indoor blower motor, dual pressure controls, compressor control module, and step-capacity scroll compressor. Ventilation packages ranging from economizers to an ERV that allows 450 cfm of fresh air provide the flexibility required to meet a wide variety of engineered specifications.

Lennox has expanded their commercial air conditioner and heat pump product offering with the addition of new T-Class™ 3- to 5-ton models. These units feature efficiencies up to 13.00 SEER and 7.70 HSPF (Region IV) for excellent energy efficiency and operating cost savings. Like all T-Class products from Lennox, these units are designed to provide rugged durability and muscular performance. The units offer sound ratings as low as 76 dB, while the scroll compressors and high efficiency outdoor coils provide efficient operation and energy savings. Brass service valves and centrally located refrigerant connection and electrical inlets speed installation and maintenance. Drainage holes also prevent the collection of damaging moisture.

Patterson Pump Company’s new Pro-Max® HVAC pump features precision bearings and machining limit shaft deflection to only 0.002 in. at the seal face, and flows to 2,500 gpm, with heads to 450 ft TDH.

Pumps And Valves

Patterson Pump Companywill feature its newest Pro-Max® HVAC pump - the close-coupled end suction model - at the Expo. As with current models in the line, it has a legacy of quality and durability, and offers reliability and flexibility in serving all HVAC applications. It is engineered in a high-efficiency design that minimizes energy consumption, and features a back pullout configuration for easy access and maintenance. Its precision cast, dynamically balanced impeller minimizes vibration and maximizes bearing life. Features include precision bearings and machining limit shaft deflection to only 0.002 in. at the seal face, and flows to 2,500 gpm, with heads to 450 ft TDH are offered.


DRISTEEM'snew XT Series electrode steam humidifier is an affordable unit designed to be easy and economical to operate and maintain. There is no tank cleaning required for this unit, just replacing the affordable plastic cylinder when the humidifier displays a message to do so. The XT Series is one of the smallest, most compact and lightweight electrode humidifiers on the market. More than 20 user-programmable functions adapt the humidifier to application-specific requirements. The advanced microprocessor control features an intuitive user interface allowing for user ease and accuracy. Additionally, integral water tempering, automatic end-of-season drain, and high-quality dispersion options increase the unit's appeal.

Steril-Aire will feature its new “Remedial In-Room Decontamination System (RIDS),” designed to provide a safe and effective way to decontaminate surfaces infested with mold and bacteria.


A new mobile decontamination unit equipped with multi-patented, high output UVC technology will be exhibited bySteril-Aire.Called the "Remedial In-Room Decontamination System (RIDS)," it provides a safe and effective way to decontaminate surfaces infested with mold, viruses (e.g., colds, flu, SARS, bird, or avian flu and measles); and bacteria (including TB, Legionella, E. coli, Listeria, Salmonella, and whooping cough). The user wheels the RIDS unit into the infested area, leaves the room and turns on the unit remotely, allowing the energy from the high output UVC Emitters™ to decontaminate walls, tabletops, and other surfaces. A 12 ft by 12 ft area can typically be decontaminated in 24 hours.

DRISTEEM's new Ultraviolet Germicidal Systems create healthier indoor air, increase HVAC efficiency, and reduce equipment maintenance by eliminating mold growth on cooling coils. Model UVR's unique reflector design increases efficiency by concentrating ultraviolet energy on the coil and drain pan. Systems are available in three models to fit every cooling coil application, including large and small AHUs and packaged rooftop units. Systems can be installed out of the box or specifically designed for the AHU's dimensions. Fixtures come preassembled and ready to mount on the support channel, eliminating onsite fixture assembly.

Air Purification

Airguardwill showcase its new Variflow II-M, a high-efficiency mini-pleat air filter for commercial and industrial use. The Variflow II-M is available in two ratings: 90% to 95% MERV 14 models and 60% to 65% MERV 11 models. Both ratings are rated UL Class 2. The filter is an extended surface, rigid cell filter with metal cell sides and mini-pleat construction. Pleat separators are manufactured with beads of high-strength adhesive for consistent spacing, smoothest airflow, and lowest resistance. A rigid pack design makes it the perfect air filter for the turbulence, VAV, and frequent fan shutdowns common in industrial and commercial air-handling systems. An ultra-fine, depth-loading microglass fiber media, and water-repellent binder, allows Variflow II-M to maintain high efficiency, even under high humidity conditions.

Victaulic Company’s Advanced Groove System (AGS) features an innovative, wedge-shaped groove that provides high-pressure ratings (up to 350 psi).

Valves & Actuators

Spence Engineering Company, Inc.will highlight its DigiBoss cageguided control valve with digital electronic actuator, designed for modulating control and on/off light industrial, commercial, liquid, HVAC, and steam applications, as well as OEM packaged systems such as heat exchangers, water purification systems, and vaporizers. The unit is mounted on a high-capacity, hung cage-designed control valve, and operates with analog signals 4-20mA, 0-10 VDC, or Profibus DP. The unit is available in sizes ranging from 2 to 8 in., for pressures to 1,550 psig and temperatures to 800°F, with cast iron, carbon steel or chrome moly bodies and NPT, RF, and DIN flanged connections.

Henry Technologies will be exhibiting a range of new high-pressure relief valves, which improve the operation of refrigeration systems that use new refrigerant blends and operate at higher pressures. The new pressure relief valves are Models 6500, 6501, and 6600. The 6500 series are targeted towards systems operating with new refrigerant blends. These 360 brass alloy valves have been specifically designed to operate with small to medium size systems using R410A refrigerant, the proposed replacement for R22. The 6600 series pressure relief valves are designed to support new refrigerants operating at higher pressures up to 750 psig and are basically a stainless steel construction. Pressure range for the valve is 451 to 750 psig at temperature ranges from -20 to 225°F.

Copeland Corporation’s Scroll Digital compressor is now available for use in commercial air conditioning applications in which temperature control, humidity control, energy efficiency, and equipment reliability are critical.

Compressors & Condensing Units

OPTYMA™ high-efficiency condensing units fromDanfosscover every capacity from 1/5 to 13½ hp. The OPTYMA design is so efficient that for each given capacity, a smaller compressor can be used than in conventional units, resulting in less operating cost. The condensing unit design also ensures a wider operating envelope operating efficiently at ambient temperatures of 110°F and higher. The range of units includes models suitable for all common fluorinated refrigerants. On OPTYMA units of greater than 1-hp capacity, a crankcase heater and dual pressure control are standard.

Copeland Corporation's Scroll Digital compressor, a 2003 AHR Innovation Award winner in the refrigeration category, is now available for use in commercial air conditioning applications in which temperature control, humidity control, energy efficiency, and equipment reliability are critical. The unit uses axial-scroll-compliance capability to unload the compressor without shutting down. This unique feature provides infinitely variable modulation between 10% and 100% capacity, without compressing refrigerant that is not needed for room cooling. The compressor matches capacity to varying load conditions to maintain precise temperature and improve dehumidification - ideal for cooling areas with widely varying loads or vital electronics. This innovation gives AC manufacturers the flexibility to design systems for applications in which efficiency and temperature-control requirements are not satisfied by traditional modulation methods. The compressor is available in 4- to 10-hp models, in both R-22 and R-407C.

Emerson Climate Technologies will showcase its Intelligent Store Discus compressor, one of the most energy-efficient compressors available. The unit enables advanced communications with integrated electronics, performs in a variety of refrigeration applications, and operates with a wide range of refrigerants. The compressor provides a whole new level of control, by integrating system electronics, gathering compressor information, transmitting operating data, performing self-diagnostics, and enabling remote diagnostics. A compressor controller helps the service mechanic diagnose a system by indicating where a problem lies, how to correct it and compressor fault codes. The compressor features an LED with status codes, simplified wiring, reduced potential leak points, and remote diagnostics/predictive maintenance.

Other Products

AJ Manufacturing, Inc.will showcase its new line of pressure- relief doors, which prevent ductwork from imploding or exploding in the event of excess pressure. Two models are available: the PZ10 (positive) and the VT10 (negative) and both are designed to open automatically 1 in. wg above normal operating system pressure. At the specified pressure setting, the doors permit immediate and unrestricted neutralization of the pressure differential between the inside and the outside of the ductwork system. Other features include an innovative non-mechanical latch that guarantees precision and repeatability, and is field adjustable.

Nicholson Steam Trap will showcase its FTE Series, high capacity, float, and thermostatic steam traps in sizes 1/2 to 2 in., for pressures from 5 to 464 psi, and temperatures to 850°F. The units are available in a variety of models and configurations with cast iron, ductile iron, or cast steel bodies, and offer features such as a stainless steel thermostatic element which eliminates air binding; below condensate level seat design to prevent steam leakage; discharge capacity up to 31,000 gal of condensate per hour; stainless steel float and lever mechanism for improved performance and prolonged steam trap service life; in-line repairability; and resistance to water hammer and corrosion.

Berner International's new in-ceiling mount air curtain is designed to protect your door opening without taking away from the overall design of your space, as all internal components are hidden above the ceiling. It has a modern style that meets today's ever increasing demand for attractive appearance. The bottom panel provides access to all internal components, including the filter. Heat is available in electric, steam, or hot water. An additional Comfort-Plus Control Package can be added to all heated units, allowing the unit to switch from high flow when the door is open to low flow when the door is closed.

Victaulic Company will exhibit its Advanced Groove System (AGS) - the company's strongest mechanical coupling assembly system in the 14- to 24-in. pipe size range. Designed for use in a variety of commercial building and industrial applications, AGS features an innovative, wedge-shaped groove that provides high-pressure ratings (up to 350 psi) service, ensures strong joint integrity and a continuous seal around the gasket, as well as a longer "A" dimension to eliminate pipe flare. AGS couplings consist of a two-piece housing secured with only two bolts, making assembly both quick and easy.

Engineered Comfort by Nailor Industries Inc. will exhibit an extensive line of energy saving fancoil units, which feature EPIC™/ECM fan motor technology. This superior technology provides VAV control in both heating and cooling modes. The result is a quiet product with higher comfort levels. The fancoils are available in four model series including vertical high-rise and horizontal styles, and all units feature plug and play technology, a stainless steel drain pan, and the most options available in the industry.

The HiPass Series from Hitachi America includes the L300P Series VFD with bypass panel furnished as a complete pre-engineered package to meet the most demanding applications. Components are pre-wired with control and communication connections to a customer terminal strip for trouble free installation and start-up as well as ease in future troubleshooting.

Controlotron's System 1010E is designed for superior performance in a number of new applications for thermal energy and flow measurement. New features include steam condensate energy management, utilizing clamp-on flow and temperature sensors, as well as an extended temperature range, from -200° to 600°F. In the realm of chiller efficiency analysis, Controlotron has added cooling load (kW/ton), COP, and energy efficiency ratio (EER). A clamp-on meter for compressed air is now available, providing non-invasive gas measurement. ES