Peerless Heater Company introduces the FLEX-HEAT(r) Hydronic Comfort System.
Whether the 2002 edition is your first or your fortieth AHR Expo, it's always good to check out what's on tap before you stroll onto the main floor for the first time. Here are a few dozen manufacturers who will be presenting, along with updates on their newest wares, separated by product category. (For further information, please refer to the print version of this issue where you will find advertisements for the companies listed in color. Check the ad index on page 128 for specific locations.)

Without further adieu, here's our 2002 guide. Taking a look now can save you time later, and trust us, your feet will thank you, too.

A.O. Smith Water Products Company is showcasing its hydronic boiler lines Legend(r) and Genesis(r).

Boilers and Water Heaters

Peerless Heater Company(Boyertown, PA) introduces the FLEX-HEAT(r) Hydronic Comfort System. It's designed to provide efficient and economical space and domestic hot water heating by combining Peerless Series GM boilers in modular arrangements with the Peerless Partner(r) indirect-fired water heater, modern system controls, circulators, and a design application guide. Higher part-load efficiency and lower standby losses are listed as advantages over single, large boiler applications, and redundancy is another feature.

A.O. Smith Water Products Company's (Irving, TX) hydronic boiler lines, Legend(r) and Genesis(r), provide inputs up to 2.5 MBtu, small footprints, and low NOx emissions. The Legend boiler line offers inputs from 500,000 to 1 MBtu, and footprints as small as 23 by 32 in., with zero clearance to combustibles on all sides. The recently expanded Genesis boiler line now delivers inputs from 200,000 to 2.5 MBtu and features two-unit stacking capability that can double total input to 5 MBtu. Larger (1 MBtu and higher Genesis models are equipped with stage firing, which automatically adjusts firing rates and Btu output for optimum boiler performance and efficiency.)

This year's expo is also the site where Easco Boiler Corporation (Bronx, NY) will premiere its new Series SM5 boiler. The unit is a three-pass firetube boiler in a durable firebox configuration. Designed in a range of sizes from 20 to 150 bhp, all models are built especially to allow "through-the-door" installation without the need for any building demolition necessary with other units. It fits through a standard 36-in. doorway, and will be displayed in cutaway format so attendees can examine its internal design features themselves.

Unilux Boiler Corporation (Woodbridge, ON, Canada) unveils an expansion of its installation abilities at this year's show, including what the company says is the world's first UL-listed and labeled field-erect watertube boiler line. This UL listing, attained last February, allows the company's boilers from 20 to 2,000 bhp to display this coveted safety assurance. The 85% efficient unit is also designed to require no welding at all.

The T-K2 is the newest tankless water heater offering from Takagi Industrial Co. (Irvine, CA) This newest Flash Model offers a wider range (19,000 to 185,000 Btu) and higher flow (6.9 gpm). Dipswitches inside the unit also allow output water temperature to be adjusted with or without the optional remote controller. Thermal efficiency is reported at 85% for natural gas and 80% for propane, with an energy factor of 0.84 and 0.85 for the two fuels, respectively. The company designed the unit to work well with radiant floor heating and recirculating system applications among others.

Miura Boiler West, Inc. 's (Wheeling, IL) multiple installation (MI) software is designed to tie multiple boilers together and is programmed to custom match steam usage patterns. The boilers then act as one large boiler with multiple backup and almost infinite turndown. When steam demand picks up, the MI controller compensates by forcing on-line boilers to high fire, while additional units are brought on-line. When steam demand slows, the MI controller reduces output, and if necessary, takes a boiler off-line quickly and efficiently, according to the manufacturer.

Raypak, Inc. has expanded its Hi Delta(tm) line of commercial, fan-assisted hydronic heating boilers and water heaters, adding smaller sizes to meet the needs of the light commercial market. The new Hi Delta Models 122-322 (120,000 to 320,000 Btuh) feature a smaller footprint while continuing to offer two-stage firing, hot surface ignition with remote sensing, through-the-wall venting without a noisy or costly extractor, and 84% efficiency.

Armstrong International (Three Rivers, MI) is bringing its Flo-Direct(tm) direct contact gas-fired water heater to Atlantic City. The unit is built to operate at very low pressure and to be suited for a wide variety of hot water applications.

Sussman Electric Boilers (Long Island City, NY) new Series SSB all wetted parts 316/316L stainless steel electric steam generator is designed to produce clean, efficient steam up to 100 psig in a range from 36 pph to 540 pph. The units operate on electricity; can be located almost anywhere; are compatible for use with distilled, demineralized, deionized, or reverse-osmosis water; and are almost 100% efficient, according to the manufacturer. Additionally, no flues, fuel lines or tanks, or on-site products of combustion are involved in their operation.

RBI (Westfield, MA) has introduced its Dominator Series of domestic hot water heaters and hydronic heating boilers. Features include a sealed combustion chamber, special alloy burners, multi-speed blowers, and more efficient staging control. Models are available ranging from 300-2,100 MBtuh range to handle a wide range of applications.

Ajax Boiler Inc. (Santa Ana, CA) is introducing its new WR Series of water boilers in Atlantic City. The units are designed for commercial and industrial applications up to 21 MBtu inputs. The new WR design has increased heating surface and is rated to operate at 82% efficiency. The new design is based on inclined 2-in. tubes, in a triangular pitch tube pattern meant to provide maximum effectiveness in extracting the heat from the combustion gases. Its burner assembly is also mounted on rails for front removal.


Carrier(Syracuse, NY) has launched the Aquasnap(tm) air-cooled chiller in North America after global installations such as in Europe, Vietnam, and Australia. Featuring a compact, all-in-one hydronic package design, the Aquasnap's pump, tank, and piping are prebuilt into the unit. The chiller is designed to install quickly and easily whether on the ground or on the roof. The model measures 52-in. tall; the integrated hydronics and the chilled-water storage tank's placement under the chiller further minimizes the footprint. Eleven models range from 9 to 53 nominal tons.

Dectron Internationale is showcasing the EcosAire(r) Series line of packaged units for computer rooms and telecommunication centers.

Air-Handling Units

Buffalo Air Handling(Amherst, VA) offers the Big Buffalo, Model K and BA2000 air-handling systems featuring IAQ drain pans, full height and width diffusers, 14- and 16-ga exterior walls, and welded floors as standard elements. Options include aluminum and stainless steel construction, coil racks, and testing. Units can be built for new or retrofit applications.

Carrier (Syracuse, NY) lists a revolutionary exterior casing and a patented double-wall insulation system as two appealing features of its Aero(tm) air-handling unit (AHU). The laminated steel panel construction is built to handle high-pressure applications easily (up to 9 in. wg). All panels are also galvanized, prepainted steel inside and out to prevent unsightly "white rust" which could also contaminate IAQ. Carrier's patented "no through-metal thermal break" means no metal-to-metal contact, meant to eliminate leakage paths for air to escape.

United CoolAir Corp. is introducing the MiniCool ductless a/c system.

Air Conditioning Units

The EcosAire(r) Series line of packaged units for computer rooms and telecommunication centers has been introduced byDectron Internationale(Buffalo, NY). Sizes range from 2- to 30-ton units in upflow and downflow configurations plus single- or double-blower variations. Ceiling-mounted models are also available. Each unit features Dectron's proprietary onboard SupervisAire(r) microprocessor and supervisory control system that can either network multiple units and/or communicate with most popular building automation systems.

MovinCool's (Long Beach, CA) Office Pro 60 portable air conditioner protects computers and telecom equipment from losing data due to heat. The Office Pro 60 provides 60,000 Btuh of cooling and operates on 230-V power. It is designed to keep electronics operating by providing air conditioning down to 65 degrees F. The Office Pro 60 features a programmable digital controller for automatic operation even after hours and weekends, a two-speed fan to control airflow, a built-in condensate pump, and a modern exterior design. The unit can be moved into any room, needing little or no installation costs.

Skil-aire (Baltimore) arrives at the Expo with a new line of "convertible" horizontal units, a selection of constant air conditioning systems in capacities of 5 through 15 tons. They are "convertible" in the sense that the evaporator and condenser can be installed in one piece as a packaged system or separated up to 150 ft (to place the condensing section nearer an outside wall and running refrigerant lines in lieu of ductwork). Increased installation options are accompanied by the ability to allocate cooling more efficiently.

United CoolAir Corp. (York, PA) has introduced the MiniCool ductless a/c system that offers single, dual, or triple refrigeration circuits, each having cooling capacities ranging from 1 to 3 tons/circuit. The ductless evaporators include the MiniTile for ceiling installation or the MiniWall for wall mountings with the ability for split applications up to 250 ft from the condensing section. Other features include a choice of matching fancoils that require cooling only, cooling with electric heat, or heat pump operation; and the choice of either air- or water-cooled units.

The "new-concept" Eco Multi air conditioning system from Sanyo \ (Chatsworth, CA) is designed to allow connection of a series of multiple indoor evaporator units with a capacity of up to 135% of the outdoor condensing unit's maximum capacity. Utilizing flexible architecture, with an indoor unit of 12,000 Btuh, for example, the company says it is possible to hook up eight indoor units to one outdoor condensing unit. The Eco Multi employs both a standard compressor and a newly developed dual-cylinder power control compressor. Operating capacity can be stepped in several increments using a 16-bit microprocessor.

APC is expanding its NetworkAIR line of precision air conditioning products with a new vertical, wall-mounted air conditioning system for electronic and communication equipment shelters. The new unit provides temperature control efficiently due to an effective economizer system. The wall mount is constructed for performing in treacherous weather conditions and contains necessary controls and components to operate in temperatures less than 60 degrees F.

The L Connection Network(tm) by Lennox (Dallas) consists of the L Series(r) packaged rooftop units, network control panel, building controller, integrated modular control, network thermostat control, unit control software, NCP software, and the LN-1 Notifact(tm) transmitter. The system is designed to be flexible, integrated, and can be tailored to fit the design challenges of commercial applications, according to the manufacturer.

AirPac (Front Royal, VA) is bringing its CoolLit3000 Series to the show floor. The 28,000-Btu portable air conditioner offers an oscillating vertical grille positioned behind fixed horizontal louvers, and a prewired pump eliminates the need for pump installation. Condensate drain method is selectable in the field, and other features include heavy-duty swivel castors and the expandable/retractable condenser air discharge kit.

PoolPak, Inc.'s new ClimatePak outside air system will be on display.

Makeup Air and Dehumidification

PoolPak, Inc.'s (York, PA) new ClimatePak outside air system is designed to provide makeup air at a constant 75 degrees F and 50% relative humidity (rh), regardless of outside conditions. ClimatePak acts as a standalone unit and eliminates the need for resizing present equipment to meet increased latent loads caused by the introduction of makeup air. Units are available from 1,000 to 10,00 cfm with capacities up to 50 tons and offer numerous optional features such as high-efficiency air filters and energy recovery wheel.

ARES (Gardena, CA), a division of Mars Air Systems, is presenting its commercial and light industrial makeup air units. Among the offerings are an indirect-fired, electric, and hydronic line with capacities reaching 1.2 MBtuh and 16,000 cfm. These packaged units can be assembled also with DX or chilled water coils, evaporative cooling, and a fresh air/return airmixing box. The indirect-fired heating sections feature power venting, while the direct-fired line has capacities up to 2.3 MBtuh and 22,000 cfm.

The TotalAire Series from Desert Aire (Milwaukee) is designed to satisfy the IAQ specifications of ASHRAE 62. The units are specifically designed for situations requiring a precise leaving air temperature (LAT). This is important for applications that cannot tolerate high or low discharge air temperatures such as schools, office buildings, hospitals, and nursing homes. The models feature a package design and deep evaporator coils for enhanced moisture removal capacity, and a specially designed refrigerant system modulates the hot gas to maintain exact leaving air conditions.

Nautical Dehumidifiers (Huntington Station, NY) has introduced its "Integral" makeup air/dehumidification unit. The totally self-contained air-cooled unit uses an energy recovery rotor with MSP(tm) dehumidification technology. The process allows the exhaust airstream to be the sole means for heat rejection, thereby requiring no external piping. The unit can be constructed for indoor or outdoor applications.

Multi-wing X Series fans are new from Crowley Company, Inc.


MeeFog(tm) fromMee Industries(Monrovia, CA) is created using high-pressure pumps and direct pressure nozzles that produce billions of microfine droplets per second. Nozzles in AHU's with the new fog droplet filter can reach downstream rh of 85% with no wetting, according to the company, while droplet filters remove unevaporated fog droplets from the airstream with less than 0.2 in. wg of pressure drop at 500 ft/min. The filters include built-in biocide agents and have a Class I fire rating.

Greenheck is introducing a new, mixed-flow inline fan, Model QE1.


Crowley Company, Inc.'s (Burton, OH) multi-wing X Series fans feature a twisted airfoil blade profile design that is engineered to attain a combination of high air volume, low power consumption, and low noise. Injection molded engineered thermoplastic blades and die cast aluminum hubs are one-third the weight of a steel fan. The fans are available in diameters from 36 to 78 in., in configurations from 3 to 10 blades, and in pitch angles from 25 to 50 degrees.

Greenheck's (Schofield, WI) new mixed flow inline fan Model QE1 combines the advantages of both conventional axial and centrifugal fans. Features include greater pressure capabilities than an axial fan, and higher airflow than a centrifugal fan; high efficiencies; and low sound levels. Construction features include the company's universal mounting system for horizontal or inline mounting in space restricted areas.

Lau Industries, Inc. (Minneapolis) has introduced a new generation of Barry Blower vaneaxial fans: the compact vaneaxial direct drive (VXD) and belt drive (VXB) fans. Both are available in sizes 120 through 600, are capable of volumes exceeding 120 cfm, static pressures to 7 in. wg, operational tip speeds to 22,000 fpm, power requirements under 150 hp, and mechanical efficiencies past 85%.

Selkirk, Inc. has redesigned its AirMate 1300 Series three-cone high-air-volume ceiling diffusers.


Selkirk, Inc.(Dallas) has redesigned its AirMate 1300 Series three-cone high-air-volume ceiling diffusers and added a two-cone diffuser. The diffusers are designed to maintain consistent air patterns over a wide range of air volumes; are ideal for variable-air volume systems; feature a 360-degree air delivery for even air distribution; and are available in 6-, 8-, 10-, 12-, and 14-in.-round neck sizes. Options include models with factory-installed damper and fiberglass insulation.

Lindab (Stamford, CT) has added SPIROflange flat oval ductwork to its array of offerings. It's meant to simplify flat oval ductwork installation in even the tightest of spaces. Single-piece construction encircles the duct to provide a secure and durable connection. Once the two flanges are pressed together, they are held in place with a "drive" cleat which is slid into place across the flat sides of the oval. Sheet metal screws hold the rounded sides of the oval connection together.

Rink Sound Control (Kansas City) has designed an elbow silencer for situations where straight silencer placement is difficult or impossible. By combining a duct elbow and a silencer, two necessary elements can be combined in one location. Key features include a compact design, a wide variety of configurations, and an acoustically transparent perforated liner and acoustical grade media. Applications include rooftop AHU supply and return ducts, rectangular ductwork, systems lacking sufficient duct runs, and general ventilation.

Ductmate Industries, Inc. (E. Monongahela, PA) has developed a grease duct access door for fast and easy installation. The Ultimate Access Door is UL 1978 listed, and meets NFPA 96 standards. Features include two 11-ga panels, two center studs with wing nuts, and four outer thumbscrews. To install the door, an access opening needs to be cut, then once the door is in place, the thumbscrews and center wing nuts tighten it. Optional insulation kits are available; the door can be used with duct wrap insulation and calcium silicate insulation systems.

A new motor starter, the MCI-C, from Danfoss, Inc. will be showcased.


A new motor starter, the MCI-C fromDanfoss, Inc.(Baltimore) is specially built for the hvacr industry, and is designed to give a fast and reliable start while reducing compressor starting current by up to 40%. As a consequence, the damaging effects of surges and high starting torque are eliminated, even without pressure equalization. Other features include two versions for 30-A and 15-A applications, UL approval for any control voltage from 24 to 480 V, ac or dc, and automatically adaptability to 50 or 60 Hz. Both models feature automatic detection of phase failure and have LED status indicators.


Automated Logic(Atlanta) arrives in Atlantic City with the latest version of WebCTRL, the company's Web-based building control technology. New features include multilingual support, a spreadsheet-based report generator, and full legacy support, allowing users who purchased ALC systems as far back as 1985 to step up to WebCTRL without replacing their field hardware. The product is made to communicate with a variety of protocol-dedicated hardware simultaneously and work compatibly with all major server platforms and major database servers.

Alerton Technologies (Redmond, WA) will be carrying a few new offerings to the show floor this year, including its BACtalk(r) VAV-SDA controller. The new unit is designed to control vav boxes equipped with either a variable-speed fan or an analog valve. Its on-board airflow sensor is designed to reduce installation costs by eliminating the need to purchase and install an additional airflow sensor.

Also, the BACtalk(r) Integrator is meant to represent the next generation of the company's BACnet-compliant global controller. Its functions execute on a 32-bit processor, and performs global direct digital control (ddc) instructions and tasks such as trend logging, scheduling, and alarming. The unit also allows for either independent or system-integrated operation.

The new MACH-Global building controller by Reliable Controls (Victoria, BC, Canada) is designed to support multiple BACnet technologies. Users can achieve forward compatibility using BACnet over Ethernet, B/IP, MS/TP or PTP; and backward compatibility with previous generation systems. Other features include an on-board 10 Mb Ethernet, Flash firmware for online upgrades, 12-bit I/O cards, and direct 24-vac/vdc power input.

Vykon(tm), by Tridium (Richmond, VA), is a Web-enabled application that allows users to manage a building's comfort in real-time over the Internet, from anywhere in the world. Features include the ability to access multiple system protocols, control costs through energy management, and access and control new and existing smart devices, regardless of manufacturer, platform, or communicated standard.

The SBC-ASC(e)(tm) is an application-selectable controller from American Auto-Matrix (Export, PA). It is designed to execute custom control applications and perform downloadable pre-configured applications such as fancoil, rooftop, and heat pump. Working on existing PUP networks, it has an integrated SBC-STAT(tm) Sensor Bus for sensor communications. It offers backwards compatibility with AAM products, future adaptability for BACnet, and a variety of flexible scheduling options.

The new system-wide Remote Notification Option (RENO) to Insight(r) 3.3 for the Apogee(tm) building management system and control system from Siemens Building Technologies (Buffalo Grove, IL) is made to send user-designated alarm messages and system event information to facility staff pagers, phones, or e-mail accounts as needed. Features include device grouping and scheduling, notification escalation if prior contacts do not acknowledge receipt of notification, and a heartbeat function that notifies designated devices that the system is functioning properly.

The new UHC-300 controller from Circon Systems is a ddc controller meant to provide consolidated control in a fully programmable device. It unites a variety of configurable control blocks combined with the power of Circon BASIC programming language and LonWorks(r) networking to provide increased application flexibility. The 22 universal I/O points and all control blocks are all easily configured using Windows software. Flexible alarm, trend, schedule, and PID control blocks can also be adapted to specific needs.

Energy Optimization Americas is releasing its fourth-generation modular ddc control system including factory-programmed Electra software to control all brands of centrifugal, screw, reciprocating, and absorption chillers. The Millennium Series Chiller Optimizer uses a modular design concept to optimize one to eight chillers with or without an energy management system (ems) or building automation system (bas) control. Protocol compatibility, eight analog inputs, and metering in kW and kWh are just a few of the features the company touts in this offering. Strategies include soft start, variable soft loading, and return and leaving chilled water reset, as well as optimum start of lag chillers.

The DVUT vari-angle self-indicating temperature transmitter is now available from Weiss Instruments.


The T8000 series of programmable and nonprogrammable electronic PI thermostats fromViconics(St.-Leonard, PQ, Canada) features an intuitive, menu-driven, backlit LCD screen. All important operating parameters can be set by the contractor via a special configuration button. Other features include EEPROM memory, auto changeover, remote indoor/outdoor sensor capability, and remote digital input for temporary override function. Heat pump versions and those with or without economizers are also available.

TSI Incorporated (Shoreview, MN) CA-6200 Ca-Calc(tm) combustion analyzers are designed to provide real-time analysis of flue gases for optimizing the combustion efficiencies of boilers, process heaters, furnaces, and other combustion appliances. All models measure CO, O2, flue draft pressure and temperature, and ambient air temperature. Optional sensors measure NO, NO2, SO2, and high CO concentrations.

Proceeding from last year's prototype status, the DVUT vari-angle self-indicating temperature transmitter is now available from Weiss Instruments (Holtsville, NY). Combining the company's "solar only" industrial thermometer with a 4-20 mA temperature transmitter, this instrument is meant to provide both local indication and remote access from only one pipe location. The loop-powered transmitter offers a precalibrated signal able to cover both chilled and hot water applications as well.

Kavlico's P4000 pressure transducer for refrigeration pressure applications may be specified with a Shrader Depressor fitting for quick connection and installation, according to the manufacturer. The rugged sensor incorporates MEMS sensing technology in an all-welded stainless steel design for compatibility with all HFC/HCFC refrigerants and ammonia. The sensor design also features a stainless steel isolation diaphragm for increased corrosion resistance in hostile environmental situations. The sensor can operate on two different power supplies and accommodate any of 5 outputs levels.

WIKA (Lawrenceville, GA) brings several new products to the expo, including the Type 100.10 and 100.12 Type Thermogauges, which combine both a pressure gauge and bimetal thermometer into one compact instrument. The product, meant for pressure and temperature measurement in hot water and commercial boilers, consists of a Bourdon tube and a bimetal helix. Elsewhere, accessories include porous snubbers, featuring a fixed porous metal disc allowing gauge protection from pressure pulsations and spikes.

Setra Systems (Boxborough, MA) has added a low-cost three-valve manifold for the Model 230 differential pressure transducer designed for differential measurements of liquids and gases. The three-valve manifold weighs less than 2.5 lbs; has an all-brass body, brass pipe fittings, copper tubing, and plastic valves that are designed especially for high line pressures of 250 psi. The company guarantees a leak-free system when the manifold is combined with one of its Model 230 wet/wet differential pressure transducers.

Delta (North Vancouver, BC, Canada) will be at the show with BACstat II, its native BACnet thermostat. The unit is capable of displaying a wide range of digital or analog values including setpoint, temperature, airflow, heating and cooling status, fan speed, and more. Communicating directly on an RS-485/TP network, the device can function as an independent BACnet sensor device or small local controller.

Onset Computer Corporation has unveiled a LCD version of its popular HOBO(r) temperature/rh datalogger, with optional remote alarm and autodialer accessories. The datalogger records and displays temperature and humidity conditions, with user-programmable high- and low-limit alarm setpoints. A relay output communicates alarm conditions to an existing alarm system or to the company's remote alarm/autodialer units.

The GM70 handheld carbon dioxide meter is new from Vaisala Inc.


ONICONbrings its System-10, programmable Btu meter to Atlantic City. It's designed to provide improved accuracy required to effectively trend energy use in hydronic hvac systems and to report energy usage for cost allocation. It displays and reports energy rate and total, flow rate and total, and supply and return temperatures. The System-10 is also compatible with JCI-N2 protocols currently available and other protocols available soon. The unit comes complete with precision temperature sensors accurate to within ±0.15 degrees F and installation software.

The GM70 handheld carbon dioxide meter from Vaisala Inc. (Woburn, MA) is designed to accurately measure carbon dioxide levels from low (0 to 2,000 ppm) concentrations to high (up to 20%). Other features include a short warm-up time for spot-checking measurements; a silicon-based Carbocap(r) sensor for reliability and stability; a menu-based interface; and a clear, backlit LCD with datalogger function. The GM70 can be used to check the company's GM20 and GM220 Series CO2 transmitters as well as to adjust the GM220 Series in the field.

Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems

Annexair(Montreal) has announced a new product line of semi-custom dedicated outdoor air systems (DOAS) to meet stringent IAQ and energy recovery standards. The DOAS ventilation strategy is intended to provide lower first and life-cycle costs, easy installation and sustainability, and superior IAQ. Numerous ERP Series units consist of predesigned modules ranging in size from 400 to 36,000 cfm. They incorporate a variety of energy recovery techniques and heating and cooling options to match a wide array of psychrometric processes.

Roberts-Gordon has added the Vantage(r) TF twin fire heater to its Vantage family of heaters.


Roberts-Gordon(Buffalo, NY) has added the Vantage(r) TF twin fire heater to its Vantage family of heaters. The new unit is available in inputs up to 380,000 Btuh and in total tube lengths up to 160 ft. One other key feature is the Honeywell dual-spark ignition system, a fully automatic, three-try direct spark with 100% shutoff. The entire Vantage line is for use with natural gas or propane and are available in straight "U" or "L" configurations.

The Suntube Stainless Series of gas infrared tube heaters by Solaronics (Rochester, MI) are designed to withstand the high humidity and corrosive environments of swimming pools and chemical manufacturing plants. Features include a reflectional efficiency of 91.7%, reflectors that rotate from 0 to 45 degrees, lengths that can extend to 70 ft, and inputs from 40,000 to 200,000 Btuh.

Space-Ray (Charlotte, NC) has debuted two new products since last year's expo. They are the LTU 90 infrared tube heaters, each with a 90,000-Btuh capacity, a self-contained draft inducer, and calorized emitter tubes; and the DK Series ceramic heaters that feature a honeycomb tiled design and 14 different models with input capacities from 30,000 to 160,000 Btuh.

Ultratech Industries, Inc. will highlight its fan inlet airflow measuring probe.


Ultratech Industries, Inc.'s (Garner, NC) fan inlet airflow measuring probe (FIAMP) is well suited for jobs requiring accurate measurement of airflow through fan inlets. Lightweight and durable, the FIAMP installs from the outside of the fan and is recommended when duct-type sensors cannot be used due to the lack of straight duct runs. FIAMPs are available for most fans where a minor obstruction will not interfere with the fan's operation.

Panametrics (Waltham, MA) introduces what it says is the world's first clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter for gases. The DigitalFlow(tm) GC868 flowmeter is intended to measure gases at high or low pressure in pipes made of metal or nearly any other material. Its new patent-pending system has been tested extensively in metal pipes of various diameters containing air, hydrogen, and natural gases. The company says patented Correlation Transit-Time(tm) detection techniques help the unit achieve superb accuracy at better than ±2% or reading.

Ruskin's (Kansas City) AMS50 air measuring station is engineered to give customers the ability to provide their own control package to coordinate with their bas and set cfm requirements in the field. The unit has been tested and certified to meet AMCA Standard 611-95 for airflow measurement performance. It combines control damper and flow measurement stations in one assembly, and the standard construction includes an air strengthener section for reduced duct length requirements.

Ebtron, Inc. (Myrtle Beach, SC) has introduced its new Advantage line of electronic airflow sensors for hvac control. As part of the Advantage line, the Gold Series designs feature factory calibrations to NIST-traceable airflow and temperature standards; sensory accuracy of ±2% of reading for airflow, and ±0.15% for temperature; and field-selectable and field-scalable analog outputs for both airflow and temperature.

Air Curtains

Dynaforce(Gardena, CA), a division of Mars Air Systems, will introduce its newest generation of wind-stopping air curtains that are currently undergoing AMCA certification tests. The units will feature static efficiency and lower noise levels at reduced hp.

Mars Air Doors (Gardena, CA) will showcase its newly expanded electrically heated air curtains. The line is designed to it with door sizes from 36 in. to 144 in. wide with mounting heights up to 10 ft. The company manufactures all types of commercial/industrial air curtains, both heated and unheated.

Critical Environment Ventilation

Phoenix Controls(Newton, MA) has announced its new Celeris(r) 2 control platform, leveraging LonWorks(r) technology and Phoenix' venturi valve to create a feature-rich distributed control architecture. Using the LonTalk protocol, the controllers distribute control functions among room-level devices to create an efficient and cost-effective control system, says the company. With the new platform, adjacent spaces such as offices can benefit from the product's effectiveness as well as traditional locales such as labs, vivariums, and hospital isolation rooms.

Calmac Manufacturing Corp. will highlight its line of plate heat exchangers.

Heat Exchangers

Calmac Manufacturing Corp.(Englewood, NJ) will highlight its line of plate heat exchangers that are custom configured to each application. The exchangers are designed using densely packed plates made of stainless steel, require 80% less floor space, and weigh approximately 1/10 of shell-and-tube-type heat exchangers. Other features include a proprietary interlocking plate design with a special locking lip for securing the connection between plates, a wide variety of plate sizes, and close temperature capabilities.

Turbulent flow created by the corrugated plates in Tranter PHE, Inc.'s (Wichita Falls, TX) Superchanger(r) plate-and-frame-heat exchanger results in heat transfer coefficients from two to five times greater than those achieved by shell-and-tube units, according to the manufacturer. This makes the Superchanger well suited for a wide variety of hvac applications including cooling tower circuit isolation, free cooling, static head isolation, water source heat pump precooling, and geothermal heating.

The new K5 Kombat electrically-actuated control valve by Spence Engineering Company, Inc. is designed to accept a variety of input signals.

Pump and Valve Products

Delta Control Product's (Phoenix) new soft touch ball valve line is designed specifically for the hvac market. The line combines low torque and multiple Cv values, and is available in two- and three-way, from 1/2 to 2 in. Other features include a bubble-tight shutoff, nickel-plate brass ball, and a seal and O-ring.

Taco's (Cranston, RI) new line of CI and FI end-suction pumps premiere at this year's Expo. Together, the new pumps total 41 models, with a flow range from 25 gpm to 4,000 gpm. The new lines, available in 125 psi and 250 psi options, offer improved efficiencies and performance range over the previous CE and FE Series. Both lines are also available in 50 and 60 Hz; future models will accommodate high-flow, low-head applications as well, according to the manufacturer. The size of the base of the FI pumps is also reduced, creating a smaller footprint.

Griswold Controls' (Irvine, CA) new hvac valves fit in the palm of your hand, says the company. The SpaceSaver line of 0.5-in. products takes the multifunction design and compresses it to a footprint suitable for in-cabinet or baseboard heating and other tight installations. This line also features automatic flow control and manual balance valves. Elsewhere, the company's Unimizer three-way temperature now includes a three-way mixing and diverting ball valve. The 3-way ball design is intended to allow the valve to be installed in a "Tee" pattern just like a globe valve, reducing labor and the potential for leaks.

The new K5 Kombat electrically-actuated control valve by Spence Engineering Company, Inc. (Walden, NY) is designed to accept a variety of input signals. Features include a bronze ANSI 250 body with galvanized union ends and all stainless steel trim. The valves are available in sizes from 1/2 through 2 in. for a wide variety of applications including process control systems, hvac systems, feed water, and fuel system controls in boilers rooms packaged systems.

Spartan Peripheral Devices will be promoting centralized water balancing and Btu monitoring with a new 3n1 control valve that the company promises will transform the industry. Also, the latest version of the Power Cube will be introduced, featuring longer service life and overall lowered cost. Finally, new zone valve bodies will be shown, featuring replaceable elements in several styles, including steel, bronze, or soft-seat alternatives. Cv changes from 0.25 to 0.30 Cv, while two-way diverting, three-way diverting, or three-way mixing provide format flexibility.

Sporlan Valve Company (Washington, MO) is introducing its OL-60XH oil level control. The company says the products offer the widest operating range in the industry, along with a standard 100-mesh inlet strainer, compact design, external adjustability, and an oil level equalization connection. The model uses the same float construction built into previous models, and it's interchangeable with existing adaptors for various types of compressors.

Danfoss Graham is introducing the Metasys N2 serial communication option for its VLT 2800 adjustable-frequency drive.


Fenner Drives(Manheim, PA) has released its long-arm Efson RT 1600 rotary tensioner for applications where space and reach are an issue. Features include die-cast aluminum construction, and, when used with a Fenner drives idler pulley or sprocket, the ability to maintain proper tension on the belt or chain drive. This means longer life and less wear on the drive components, according to the manufacturer. It's easily mounted with a single mounting bolt, and is available with spring forces up to 26 lbs.

Danfoss Graham (Milwaukee) has introduced the Metasys N2 serial communication option for its VLT 2800 adjustable-frequency drive. The VLT 2800 features a built-in PID controller, high carrier frequency without derate (14kHz), automatic motor tuning, and automatic temperature compensation. The drive is available in ratings from 1/2 to 2 hp and voltages include 208 and 230 V, both single- and three-phase, and 460 V.

Combination Units

The Bard(Bryan, OH) Gas/Electric II heating/cooling unit strives to combine the benefits of gas heating and high-efficiency electric cooling with the space-saving design features of wall-mounted units. The 90% increase in heating capacity and a 50% increase in cooling capacity over previous models is intended to result in a unit ideal for warm, moderate, or cold climate applications. Versatility is enhanced by patented factory or field-installed ventilation options. An expanded line of models range from 2 to 5-ton nominal cooling capacities and 40,500 to 125,000 Btuh heating inputs.

AbsoluteAir's (Kalamazoo, MI) custom air house systems are designed to offer total environmental control in meeting user needs for heating, makeup air, humidity control, cooling, and particulate filtration. Various sections can provide gas-fired heating or steam, hot water, or electricity; humidity control via steam injection, evaporative, or spray coils; cooling via chilled water, direct expansion, or evaporative media; and up to three-stage filtration via high-efficiency media.

Friedrich (San Antonio, TX) is launching its "all-new" Wallmaster ptac, engineered to provide a quiet, dependable performance while delivering EERs of up to 12.2. It's designed to be a cost-effective heating and cooling solution for the lodging, healthcare, and multifamily housing industries.


Orival(Englewood, NJ) automatic self-cleaning water filters are designed to remove micron-size suspended solids, independent of specific gravity, from water in once-through and recirculating systems, such as cooling, process, reclaim, effluent, intake, and wash waters. Single filters handle flow rates to 8,100 gpm; units can be banked to handle unlimited flows. The automatic self-cleaning cycle is line-pressure powered, takes seconds, and does not interrupt system flow. Installation can be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal in new or existing piping systems.

Amiad introduces its SAF-1500 self-cleaning automatic water filtration system. The company touts it as the smallest powered automatic filter, with flanged SAF filters in 2-, 3-, and 4-in. sizes, with flow rates up to 350 gpm. The unit features electronically monitored cleaning and a maximum screen area for the recommended flow. High-quality stainless steel screens with filtration degrees from 500 to 10 microns are available.

Design Software

HVAC Solutionsoftware from the company of the same name is a standalone, Windows(r)-based, drag-and-drop program that designs and models hvac systems using intelligent objects. It's made to allow users to build air handlers, airflow schematics, hydronics schematics, and equipment schedules. It's also an hvac system design accountant, automatically performing many of the engineering calculations and design tasks the professionals currently perform manually.

ICOR International will show NU-22, its patented refrigerant blend.

Other Products

Heatcrafthas introduced its Modular Auxiliary Removable Coil (MARC). The MARC holds any of the coil types that Heatcraft manufactures. Constructed with galvanized steel, the MARC can be custom-built to suit each application, includes a stainless steel drain pan, and is fully insulated. All seams have been sealed with silicone and weather stripping to ensure a leak-free case. The ability to remove the coil through an access panel is another design feature intended to set the MARC apart from other encased coil units.

Fenwal's (Ashland, MA) 35-80 Series direct-spark gas ignition control provides 0.2 sec timing accuracy, sparks 60 times/sec, and stops when it senses a flame. This microprocessor-based control combines a wide range of features onto a single PC board, including local or remote flame sensing and field-adjustable fan off delay. Other features include combustion blower control, indoor air fan control, thermostat input, diagnostics, and heat/cool relay.

ICOR International's (Indianapolis) NU-22 is a patented refrigerant blend that nearly duplicates the operating pressures of R-22 and is compatible with all equipment components and oils used in R-22 systems. NU-22 avoids the need for unnecessary oil changes and needs only minor system adjustments or modifications. NU-22 is energy efficient, has a zero ODP, is nontoxic and nonflammable, and has an A1 ASHRAE safety classification, according to the manufacturer.

Water Technology seeks to eliminate tube fouling forever in chillers and heat exchangers with its automatic tube brushing (ATB) system. Significant advancements include increased reliability of four-way valves, lower pressure drop baskets and end-clips, and a new turbo-brush. The company has also introduced the new Automatic Backflush System for plate-and-frame heat exchangers.

Cemline Corp. (Cheswick, PA) has introduced a new product line, the CWB Series. Chilled water buffer tanks (CWBT) are designed to be used with chillers that do not have water volumes of sufficient size in relation to the chiller. The CSB adds volume to buffer the systems and to reduce the rate of change of the return water temperature.

TracPipe(r) by OmegaFlex, Inc. (Westfield, MA) is the only Factory Mutual-approved flexible piping for flammable gases as a preferred alternative to conventional rigid black iron piping for seismic resistance, according to the manufacturer. Features include corrugated tubing combined with AutoFlare(r) mechanical attachment fittings that are designed to provide a leak-resistant system.

The longer-length UVC emitters from Steril-Air, Inc. (Cerritos, CA) are designed to kill the microbes that grow in and circulate through hvac systems, including anthrax, its spores, and other bacteria; smallpox and other viruses; and mold and mold products. The new 36 and 42 in. tubes are one of the longest length, high output devices available and are suited to a wide range of commercial, industrial, health care, and food processing applications. The multipatented UVC devices also keep coils and drain pans clean, greatly reducing maintenance requirements for these components while returning or maintaining coil heat exchange efficiency for greater savings, according to the manufacturer.

Testo, Inc. (Flanders, NJ) has expanded its hvac product line with the addition of TestoView, a lighted fiber optic visual inspection tool designed for exploring inaccessible areas in many hvac and industrial applications. The TestoView is available in 18 and 36 in. lengths and is constructed of high-impact ABS housing. Other features include a flexible shaft that adjusts into any position, a high-powered lens able to focus on objects as close as 3/4 in., and a powerful halogen bulb to illuminate dark areas.

The new EverClear(tm) high-efficiency air cleaner from Air Quality Engineering, Inc. (Minneapolis) is designed to offer high-efficiency filtration, quiet operation, and low maintenance. The new unit is a self-contained, surface-mounted unit designed for easy installation on a ceiling surface. The full-retention V-bank carbon filter holds approximately 40 lb of activated carbon. The filter may also be filled with impregnated carbons, specialty media, or any combination of adsorbent media, depending on the application's needs.

MetalFab, Inc. (Wichita, KS) attempts to lock up system security needs with its SureLock(tm) B-Vent locking system on display at the Expo. The patent-pending design makes installations fast and foolproof, made to keep installed piping from coming apart on the job and secure systems after installation. No sheet metal screws are required; users need only join sections together, twist, and engage the SureLock.

Williams Comfort Products (Colton, CA) has introduced its new line of low-silhouette vertical fancoils. The low-silhouette models (16 to 20 in. in height) install easily under a window and provide for an unobstructed view. Available in 400 or 600 cfm sizes, the basic model is designed for furred-in applications. The deluxe model is furnished with a cabinet and a choice of top or front discharges. Other options include stainless steel or porcelain-coated drain pans, outside air dampers, various motor and control voltages, electric strip heaters, and factory-installed water line accessories. ES