If we've spent any amount of time together, then it’s likely you know a few random facts about me. For instance, I’m always thirsty, I can't live without Lip Smackers, I’m a loud talker, and I love “Seinfeld.” 

I'm more than just those four facts, but that’s enough about me. Let’s talk about “Seinfeld.” I bet you were thinking I was going to say "Let’s talk about National Opposite HVAC Day" because of the headline, and I don't blame you — I will get to that eventually. 

Anyway, there’s a “Seinfeld” episode where George decides he’s just going to do the exact opposite of what he's inclined to do in an attempt to improve his circumstances. And, it works. I’m not really sure why, but I started thinking about this episode the other day. Then I started thinking about how, as a kid, I loved “Opposite Day” — a make believe game typically observed by children, according to Wikipedia. 

I always thought someone just declared: “Today is Opposite Day!” and the rest of us went with it. Maybe that was how it was done before the internet, but nowadays, it's celebrated on Jan. 25. I found that out by searching it on the National Today calendar. 

Want to know what I didn't find on there? National Opposite HVAC Day. That's not particularly surprising, though, since I literally just made it up. But, hear me out ... 

When George did the opposite, things worked out better for him. That means what he initially thought would be the "best" option actually wasn't. 

Now, imagine you're George. I know, I know — he's short, stocky, balding, cheap, lazy, insecure, and a few other things most people don't aspire to be. But, just do it anyway (pretend it's Opposite Day). Imagine you're George, and you're designing the most environmentally friendly, technologically advanced HVAC system. Then ask yourself a question: What if I did the opposite? 

If you haven't already figured out the answer to this question, then *spoiler alert, I'm about to tell you: You'd probably make the worst HVAC system design that ever existed. But, if you went through it step by step, component by component, here's what I think would happen. You would immediately dismiss some of those opposite decisions. But, like C+C Music Factory said, there'd be a few "Things That Make You Go Hmmmm..." 

So, I say, let's make every day is National Opposite HVAC Day. Challenge yourself to think differently, to find a different way to do the same thing just because it gets the wheels turning. And, ask other people why they're doing what they are the way they are, even if you already know the answer. Because, the thing is, you might not actually know the answer — you just think you do. 

It's a learning opportunity for everyone and another reason to promote diversity in the industry. When you take people from different backgrounds, regions, environments, families, schools, etc., you get different answers to the same question. Sometimes everyone is right, and it's simply a matter of preference. Other times, revelations happen that lead to innovation. 

We're all guilty of doing things a certain way in our personal and professional lives simply because that's how we've always done them. But, imagine what would happen if we started asking ourselves and our peers questions that forced us to really think about the "Why?" before we decided on the "How?"