Reliable communication is crucial in any emergency situation to coordinate rescue efforts, provide critical information to those affected, and coordinate response efforts among different agencies and organizations. The SHIELD SOLO public safety solution is a half-watt emergency radio communication system that ensures reliable communication for emergency personnel in any situation. It's an integrated public safety bidirectional amplifier (BDA) that provides 700/800 MHz land mobile radio (LMR) coverage and is an emergency responder communication enhancement systems (ERCES) solution that fully complies with current fire codes. This versatile system can be configured as a Class A or Class B device in the field and accepts DC power from either a certified third-party backup battery unit (BBU) device or the purpose-built SHIELD SOLO BBU to ensure coverage for up to 12 hours during power outages. SHIELD SOLO is easy to install, NEMA 4 rated, listed to UL 2524, and is compatible with other public safety systems.