KUL Extreme is an Open RAN liquid cooling solution resulting from a close collaboration between Iceotope, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Intel, and nVent to support far edge computing across the entire data center estate. Applications in these workloads require ultralow latency and high scalability to process large volumes of data close to where the data is generated, often in remote locations. The product significantly reduces energy consumption and delivers a sustainable solution across distributed workloads, for both telco service providers and enterprises.

Created with the most demanding workloads in mind, KUL Extreme is a fully integrated, standardized solution that offers greater sustainability, energy efficiency, and serviceability for server generations to come. The modular design of KUL Extreme is highly configurable to enable rapid scalability across all types of deployments. From a single server at a cellular base station to a ruggedized solution for the far edge to an enterprise-grade data center, each KUL Extreme unit can easily be dropped into place at any location. The solution supports both high-performance liquid- and air-cooled devices while optimizing serviceability and simplifying maintenance across the data center estate.

KUL Extreme was designed for a variety of data center and edge computing applications, including:

  1. High-performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) workloads that require high computing power and efficient cooling.
  2. Edge computing where space is limited and traditional air-cooled servers may not be suitable.
  3. Far-edge deployments where servicing devices is costly and minimizing on-site maintenance is key.
  4. Cloud computing environments that require high computing power, high-density server deployment, and efficient cooling.

The KUL Extreme is a versatile precision liquid-cooled server platform that can be used in various applications where high-performance computing, density, and energy efficiency are required.