COLUMBUS, Ohio — Vertiv introduced the Liebert® XDU, a thermal management system that supports an entire cabinet of liquid-cooled servers and enables drop-in retrofits in air-cooled data centers. As more and more data centers house high-performance computing applications, such as data analytics and machine learning, rack densities and temperatures are exceeding the cooling capabilities of traditional air-cooled solutions. The Liebert XDU enables the deployment of liquid cooled server applications into any data center environment. The system is available currently in North America.

“Many data centers aren’t prepared to support the cooling needs of high-performance workloads and are finding that innovation is disrupting normal business operations within the datacenter,” said Jennifer Cooke, research director, cloud to edge data center trends for IDC. “A liquid cooling solution, such as the Liebert XDU, is a compelling option because it delivers the advantages and efficiencies of liquid cooling without a complete datacenter retrofit.”

The Liebert XDU is a 60-kW liquid-to-air cooling distribution unit, circulating water through liquid-cooled server racks and rejecting the heat from the returning warm water into the data center’s hot aisle. It uses a closed water loop and requires no new plumbing, making the Liebert XDU an easy retrofit in existing data centers. The compact system can be placed in the row near the rack it is cooling or along the room’s perimeter. The Liebert XDU utilizes integrated state of the art Liebert® iCOM® controls to vary fan speed to control supply water temperature and to provide intelligent flow monitoring and alarms.

“High-performance computing applications are growing, and they present new thermal management challenges for our customers,” said John Schneider, senior vice president, thermal management, Vertiv. “Colocation providers who have relied on air cooling for their facilities are now hosting clients with applications with higher power processors that require liquid cooling. With the Vertiv Liebert XDU, our customers can meet that demand without expensive retrofits or disruption to their existing operations.”

Vertiv developed the Liebert® XDU in close consultation with data center operators and server manufacturers, including Lenovo, who are deploying ultra-high-density, high-performance computing solutions more frequently across many different types of data centers.

In addition, Vertiv recently announced a partnership with data center solutions provider and hardware manufacturer TMGcore on its new, recently introduced, self-contained, high-efficiency data center platform. For more information, visit