STOCKHOLM — NextMeasure, a metrology software company that puts the user experience first, launched its free universal software platform. The platform is ideal for analysis and inspection applications using measurement points and point clouds from a wide array of input formats and associated CAD files. Fast, reliable, and compatible with all sensors and portable devices, the solution is the most user-friendly in the metrology industry for design, manufacturing, and quality control whenever and wherever a company needs it.

NextMeasure consistently offers the core and inspection software as a free download. And the advanced metrology features and embedded capabilities included in NextMeasure Plus version are also currently available for a full year for no additional charge.

Traditional measurement software is often tied to a company or measurement tool brand, making it complicated to swap in new equipment or change users. NextMeasure is created to overcome these industry obstacles with a flexible solution that makes 3D quality control faster and more efficient. This software is dedicated to flexible inspection scenarios using portable measuring equipment.

NextMeasure is created with a free version, empowering users with access to image analysis and advanced probe inspection. With this version, users can manipulate shape files to CAD and compare and analyze probe point, point cloud, alignment, and GD&T. The drag-and-drop system is both alluring to look at and effortless to navigate.

In addition to the free basic version, NextMeasure is now providing free use of NextMeasure Plus for one year. NextMeasure Plus adds the ability to connect directly with measurement devices. Portable device connection, acquisition/import of probe point, limited cloud filter, CAD transformation, and leapfrog alignment are all part of this version. NextMeasure Plus advances cloud inspection with mesh edit and additional point cloud filter as well as the ability to assemble and retrieve point clouds automatically, and data output capability.

Once the software is downloaded, anyone on the team is able to access the point and click platform wherever they work. Because the solution is universal and works with all major sensors and portable measurement devices, upgrading and evaluating equipment is straightforward; multiple measurement platforms can be evaluated from a single user environment.

Support is provided through a series of step-by-step tutorials, all available on the NextMeasure website, for rapid onboarding and integration within the team. Then, with the Plus version real-time online support with a direct chat option, as well as the embedded setup assist for easy device integration, resolves issues as quickly as they arise. For more information, visit