GRANDVIEW, Mo. — The newly-designed EME5625MDE from Ruskin® — a Miami-Dade-approved, wind-driven rain resistant stationary louver — meets enhanced protection building requirements for structures, including office buildings and schools, in high-velocity hurricane zones. With a high free area of 55%, the 5-inch-deep, extruded-aluminum vertical louver is mechanically fastened, offering greater strength and improved performance over Ruskin’s previous Miami-Dade-compliant model, the EME5625MD.  

“Today’s hurricane seasons are longer and more active than those of the past, with increased frequency of intense storms,” said Joe Rockhold, louver product manager at Ruskin. “To keep buildings safe when subject to heavy wind loads, rainfall and debris, the impact-resistant EME5625MDE is designed to provide greater protection. Its mechanical fastenings create a stronger bond than welded parts do and can better withstand severe weather and debris.”  

In addition to Miami Dade Approval NOA #21.1021.03, the EME5625MDE is AMCA 550 listed for high-velocity wind-driven rain and AMCA 540 listed for impact rating (enhanced missile E). Testing included wind loads up to 160 pounds per square foot, and the published performance rating is based on testing in accordance with AMCA 500-L.  

With sizes ranging from 12-by-12 inches up to 72-by-120 inches, the EME5625MDE can be tailored to the application. Its blades are vertically mounted and spaced approximately 1 ½ inches apart, center to center, and the mullion is visible. Easy to install and maintain, the EME5625MDE features forward and reverse NOA-approved clip angles that simplify installation along with corrosion-resistant aluminum construction that requires little upkeep. 

The louver includes an expanded, flattened aluminum bird screen in a removable frame with options for additional bird and insect screens. More optional features improve application flexibility, including blank offs, extended sills, and front and rear flanges. CMU, concrete, steel, aluminum and wood installation is also available. For more information, visit