GRANDVIEW, Mo. — Ruskin’s HZ700MD louver is a 7-inch-deep, extreme-performance louver comprised of two pieces — a 4-inch horizontal front and a 3-inch vertical rear louver. The HZ700MD was designed for applications needing a horizontal blade appearance but a vertical blade level of performance with Miami-Dade approval NOA No. 20-1201.01.

“Ruskin designed the HZ700MD specifically for areas in the Miami-Dade or coastal regions that are affected by extreme weather,” said Jay Ramkumar, director of louver sales at Ruskin. “Our representatives and their customers, including architects, engineers, contractors, and building owners, sought a 7-inch louver with extreme performance abilities and added Miami-Dade protection. This model meets all qualifications of the HZ700, including high level of water and enhanced missile protection, with Miami-Dade approval as an added benefit.”

Similar to the HZ700, the HZ700MD meets Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA) 550 and AMCA 540 standards for enhanced protection and has a low pressure drop, which delivers greater energy savings. It can be paired with equipment that requires high energy filters, resulting in improved air quality in critical facilities. The high-velocity, wind-driven rain and Miami-Dade qualifications allow the HZ700MD to be used in essential facilities, such as hospitals and data centers, where high air quality is necessary in extreme weather. The visible mullion construction and horizontal front blade construction makes the louver aesthetically appealing and high performing. For more information about the HZ700MD, visit