GRANDVIEW, Mo. — The EME3625MD — a new, 3-inch-deep, stationary Ruskin® louver approved by Miami-Dade for its wind-driven rain resistance — is designed for structures in high-velocity hurricane zones that require louvers with basic impact protection. Mechanically fastened to add to its strength, the vertical louver also offers improved air and water performance over Ruskin’s previous Miami-Dade approved model, the EME3625DFLMD, and is AMCA 540 (Missile D) and 550 listed.

“We designed the EME3625MD for customers planning facilities that must resist extreme weather, and that includes developing this louver with 53% free area and low pressure drop to reduce water penetration,” said Joe Rockhold, louver product manager, Ruskin. “To boost its durability in coastal regions, the EME3625MD is constructed from extruded aluminum, offering a high resistance to corrosion and requiring only minimal maintenance after installation.”

Airfoil blades on the EME3625MD are vertically mounted and spaced at approximately 0.75 inches, center to center, to further ensure excellent water performance. The EME3625MD is available in sizes as small as 12-by-12 inches up to a 96-inch-tall louver with unlimited width. A full suite of manufactured options, including a variety of bird screens and numerous installation options (CMU, concrete, steel, aluminum and wood), are also available.

Additional features of the EME3625MD include:

  • 20-year finish warranty;
  • 5-year product warranty;
  • Approved for applications with design pressure of +/- 120 PSF (5.75 kPa);
  • Texas Department of Insurance-approved; and
  • Published performance ratings based on testing in accordance with AMCA 500-L.


With its improved performance capabilities, the release of the new EME3625MD will phase out the EME3625DFLMD in the near future. For more information, visit