IRVINE, Calif. — GF Piping Systems (GF) introduced the proprietary LOKX System™ Ductile Iron Fitting from GF Central Plastics, designed specifically for use with C900 PVC and CIOD HDPE pipe in buried applications. The new system eliminates the need for any bolts or assembly tools, resulting in a savings of up to 80% in installation time and labor costs compared to mechanical joint restraint (MJ) fitting systems.

Engineered with a deep bell design, the LOKX System’s ductile iron push-on style fitting has deflection capabilities of up to a total of 10 degrees in any direction (5 degrees deflection per bell). This flexibility allows for extreme ground movement, making it suitable for seismic applications. 

Another key feature to the LOKX System is its internal self-restraining gasket that eliminates pipe-to-pipe and pipe-to-fitting separation, even at high pressures. The self-restraining gasket has a low insertion force in addition to a lip-seal design with 316 stainless steel gripping segments. When fully engaged, the segments self-engage to form a 360° restraint that prevents pipe distortion and point loading that MJ restraints cause. Compatible with C900 PVC and CIOD HDPE pipe, the LOKX System is manufactured to AWWA C153 with a minimum working pressure of 350 psi. 

In the water and wastewater fitting market, the installation for mechanical joint fittings and joint restraints can be time-consuming and difficult to install depending on ditch conditions. The mechanical joint fitting was originally designed for use on heavy ductile iron pipe, yet the majority of all installations today are on PVC pipe in sizes 12 inches and smaller. Designed specifically for use on PVC and PE pipe, the LOKX Systems greatly reduces human error and the amount of time required to install the traditional MJ restraint systems.

GF’s LOKX System successfully solves the problems associated with traditional MJ fitting systems. Its internal restrained fitting is leak resistant, fast to install, and not subject to pipe distortion and point loading as seen with MJ restraint systems. The LOKX System can be used for a variety of buried applications in water and wastewater, seismic areas, corrosive regions, coastal areas with brackish soils, and horizontal directional drilling. UL and FM approvals are pending. For more information, visit