IRVINE, Calif. — GF Piping Systems’s (GF) COOL-FIT® PE Plus pre-insulated engineered piping system offers a new solution for data center cooling. COOL-FIT PE Plus is uniquely qualified for the industry’s mission critical requirements of heat rejection applications, especially in this era of increased IT equipment density and operating temperature ranges.

COOL-FIT PE Plus includes pre-insulated pipe, fittings, valves, and hoses engineered to convey fluids without condensation in temperatures from 58°F-140°F (60°C to minus 50°C). The three-in-one system, which includes a carrier pipe, insulation, and jacket, makes installation fast and easy. Additionally, as a plastic, the COOL-FIT is significantly light, which allows for greater savings in build-outs resulting from minimized need for structural reinforcement.

All surfaces are sealed, vapor tight, and 100% UV-resistant. The system is 100% maintenance-free and will not corrode over time, reducing expensive operational interruptions and downtime. COOL-FIT PE Plus is efficient with low heat conductivity from its plastic construction and robust foam insulation. The smooth interior surface of the medium pipe prevents deposit build-ups to ensure reliability and eliminate pressure loss. Insulation on both fittings and pipe are bonded together, preventing condensation build-up between the two.

The COOL-FIT PE Plus system has an insulation foam and an outer jacket manufactured at the factory, which eliminates traditional post-insulation work at the construction site, reduces installation time, and allows easy roof mounting often problematic for other systems. The number of hangers and supports needed is also minimized. Use of user-friendly electrofusion joining technology is fast, simple, and eliminates the need for solvent cement or VOC approvals.

"The demand for rapid data center deployment is pushing owners and their engineers to seek new ways of speeding the supply chain and construction,” said Charles Freda, data center practice lead, Americas, GF. “Plastic piping systems, including our new COOL-FIT PE Plus, system install faster than competing systems. Additionally, air-cooled systems aren't always up to the task of providing efficient cooling for the increasing level of heat generated from higher density ITE. GF’s COOL-FIT PE Plus meets the vital needs of both improved cooling efficiencies and accelerated installations to achieve the fast-track timetables the market requires."

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