COLUMBIA, Mo. — FläktGroup® SEMCOTM has expanded its efficient chilled beam offerings to make the selection more suitable for diverse design needs.

All beams are now available for cable suspension in addition to rigid suspension and are configurable through a new web-based selection tool. FläktGroup SEMCO chilled beams are available with threaded water connections and hose kits allowing installation without soldering and associated hot work permits and fire watch after rough-in.

FläktGroup SEMCO chilled beams, suitable for lay-in ceiling installation, are now also available with new and improved dry-wall trim kits. This allows for a clean edge around the beam, improving the finished look after installation in ceilings without lay-in grids.

“We’re excited to make the chilled beam installation and design process easier with this expanded line,” said Trevor Young, president and CEO, FläktGroup SEMCO. 

The U.S.-manufactured Aurora IQSA has been altered to fit seamlessly with U.S. ceiling grids, making aesthetic appeal simple. This architecturally appealing beam featuring a narrow face is ideal for applications requiring discreet design.

In addition, the Juno IQHC line has been expanded so that it is now available in sizes between 2 feet and 10 feet in 1-foot increments. The U.S.-manufactured Juno IQHC chilled beams also come in multiple sizes for primary air inlets and discharge air slots to handle a broader range of ventilation pressures and flows. The Juno IQHC chilled beam now features an optional dual circuit coil, which reduces water side pressure drop by approximately 60% compared to a single circuit coil with the same cooling capacity. 

The Lyra II IQCC, featuring 4-way throw airflow; the Nova II IQFI, suitable for dropdown or exposed applications; and the Orion II IQHA, designed for bulkhead installations, are now offered with optional U.S.-standard threaded connections. All beams feature a noise level of less than 46 db, which is quieter than moderate rainfall.

“We are excited about these new additions to our line,” said Colleen Devlin, vice president of marketing, FläktGroup SEMCO. “It really establishes FläktGroup SEMCO as the premiere destination for chilled beams. Our new beam sizes paired with the Neuton® pump module make the FläktGroup SEMCO chilled beam system a viable solution for almost any project.”

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