NEUE HÖFE HERNE, Germany — FläktGroup SEMCO is introducing a new phase in the Elite Series. The FläktGroup SEMCO Elite Series provides exceptional indoor air quality and energy recovery in an affordable compact design. The design addresses the industry need of providing humidity control while also acting as part of an integrated system, which provides total space conditioning. The Elite Series is exceptional at humidity control — humidity control that competitors struggle to deliver. To achieve this, the outdoor air is first conditioned by a cooling coil that corrects the humidity and then reheats the air to a temperature that is comfortable for occupants.

The Elite conditioned units feature the FläktGroup SEMCO Unitary Wheel Cassette (UWC). The UWC offers the highest latent and sensible heat transfer efficiency media in its class.

“The Elite Series uses the UWC to keep air safe and healthy — especially those in university and schools, medical offices and facilities, and other public buildings,” said Trevor Young, president and CEO, FläktGroup SEMCO. “The antimicrobial, antistick coating kills 96% of viruses and bacteria so that they are not sent back into the supply air. As a testament to FläktGroup SEMCO’s reliability, consistency, and performance, a UWC wheel has never failed an AHRI performance test.”

“As a configurable unit, the Elite series is ideal for applications including schools, offices, dormitories, and other similar building designs,” said Aaron Bentley, air quality solutions product manager, FläktGroup SEMCO. “Part of what makes the Elite units so efficient and ideal for those applications needing to reduce input energy costs is the inclusion of the UWC, which provides the maximum latent and sensible air-to-air heat transfer while generating less HVAC system static pressure.” 

A plug-and-play controls system provides a turnkey solution to save money on installation costs, minimizing time and difficulty of installation. It will provide important communication to the building automation system to allow building owners to control the environment. These are BACnet compatible integrated controls with variable energy recovery wheel and variable airflow measurements.

Units in the Elite Series include electronically commutated (EC) fans, which feature high-precision, CFD-designed, hollow, aerofoil profiled blades as well as an innovative mix-flow impeller design. Together, these improve the airflow pattern for a more natural and efficient flow. These fans are designed to minimize noise and optimize system efficiency that allows the unit to provide superior energy savings and costs.  

Featuring lightweight, dual-wall foam panels, the Elite provides a clean aesthetic, exceptional insulation, and superior air leakage prevention. Heating and cooling options with hydronic coils or DX coils and an indirect gas burner are available as well as service access to each section within the compact unit — a feature that is not offered in many systems of its class.

Elite Series units are designed to comply with the ASHRAE 62.1 standard, which requires a certain distance between outdoor and exhaust airstreams. This standard is important as it reduces the risk of high Exhaust Air Transfer Ratio. The UWC is AHRI 1060 certified, which verifies the cassettes will perform accurately and consistently, in accordance with ASHRAE Standard 84. The UWC is also independently certified to pass NFPA 90 requirements for flame spread and smoke generation based upon the ASTM E84 fire test method.

“The combination of the UWC wheels, the EC fans, the foam panels, and the compact design of the Elite Series at an attractive price makes this high performing unit an excellent solution for anyone looking to reduce cost and save energy,” Young said.

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