HUMBLE, Texas — Aspen Manufacturing LLC (Aspen), an independent manufacturer of evaporator coils and air handlers for the residential and commercial residential HVAC marketplace in the U.S. and Canada, announces the introduction of the LGM Series high-efficiency, multi-position, aluminum coil 120-V air handlers.

The 120-V LGM Series is designed to offer installation versatility. The units are shipped as upflow or horizontal right and can be converted for downflow or horizontal left installations on-site by HVAC technicians. When a proper metering device is used, the LGM Series units are ETL-listed for use with R-22 or -410A refrigerants.  In addition, they can be Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI)-certified with most brands of air conditioners or heat pumps. The units are available in 2- through 4-ton cooling capacity without electric heat.

When properly installed and tested in accordance with ASHRAE Standard 193, the sturdy, fully insulated galvanized steel cabinet offers less than 2% air leakage from the cabinet. A factory-provided knockout for duct return is standard on all LGM Series models, and all feature an easy access door for coil cleaning.

All LGM Series models feature a high-efficiency, 120-V ECM motor with factory programmed software to control motor speeds and torques. Aspen’s proprietary software encoding allows the ECM motors to provide optimal performance and reliability. Rail-mounted blowers allow easy removal during service and routine maintenance by HVAC technicians. An electronic control board includes a blower time delay which helps to maximize heat/cool extraction and offers an integrated fuse for additional protection.

A high-efficiency, all-aluminum coil with rifled tubing and enhanced fins allows maximum heat transfer on all LGM Series air handlers. As a U.S.-based manufacturer, all Aspen coils are leak-tested using a two-stage pressure decay and mass spectrometer process. Further, the coils are pressurized with nitrogen and factory-sealed for maximum reliability. LGM Series air handlers are available with either factory-installed orifice or TXV metering devices. Units can be converted with bolt-on TXVs during field installation. For more information, visit