ASHLAND CITY, Tenn. — A. O. Smith, a provider of water heating and treatment, added the X3® Scale Prevention Technology to its full line of residential condensing gas tankless water heaters. Designed with both consumers and contractors in mind, X3 Technology prevents scale buildup in a tankless unit, eliminating the need for routine descaling maintenance, tripling the expected lifetime of a unit and enabling it to run at like-new performance and efficiency. 

“We continuously hear from technicians and homeowners that scale buildup is the number one issue with tankless water heaters,” said Robert Aldrich, residential segment development leader, A.O. Smith. “This buildup can shorten a unit’s lifespan, increase unnecessary repairs and maintenance costs, and decrease efficiency. After years of in-depth research and testing, we’re proud to be the first water technology company in the industry to offer its tankless water heaters with scale prevention technology.”

X3 Technology means you never have to descale a tankless water heater again – alleviating maintenance time for contractors and reducing ownership costs for homeowners. Units featuring X3 Technology work especially well in homes with hard water where damaging scale and mineral deposits are more common. The units use up to 199,000 Btu per hour of natural gas to deliver a continuous supply of hot water to residential applications.

Available on A. O. Smith’s suite of condensing gas tankless products (240, 340, and 540 indoor and outdoor, natural gas, and propane models), units with X3 Technology offer customers an array of sizes to fit a variety of application needs. These products are also backed by the industry’s only limited warranty with no exclusions for scale-related failures. 

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