ROCHESTER, N.Y. — ICC Community Development Solutions (ICC CDS) was presented with the President’s Award at the annual 2022 Laserfiche Winners’ Circle meeting on Feb. 26 in Carlsbad, California. ICC CDS was recognized as the channel partner that achieved the highest total net new revenue from midsize private or public sector organizations with 500 or more employees.

“We were very grateful to be honored at the Winner’s Circle program this year,” said Dan Foster, general manager, ICC CDS. “It is a testament to the work our entire team does to help customers realize the tremendous benefits of digitizing records and automating business processes within their operations. We appreciate our customers and the trust they put in us and look forward to continued growth with Laserfiche in the coming years.”

ICC CDS was also recognized as a silver level sales organization for more than $2M in Laserfiche revenue for the second consecutive year. This follows last year’s Laserfiche recognition with the Customer’s Choice Award for highest customer retention for solution providers with more than 500 Laserfiche accounts.

“The Code Council family of solutions is dedicated to providing advanced digital solutions to building safety professionals,” said Dominic Sims, CBO, CEO, Code Council. “We commend the exceptional customer service ICC CDS continues to provide to our customers and appreciate their contributions to the Code Council’s ongoing digital transformation.”

Laserfiche is a global software provider for communities looking to automate, integrate, and streamline business processes and content management. The software allows users to eliminate paper, optimize costs, and power innovation. In 2021, ICC CDS installed or enhanced Laserfiche systems in 12 counties; 25 cities; 48 towns, townships, boroughs, and villages; 10 organizations; and the Pennsylvania state senate. For more information,