Do you…

… use a boiler in your facility or process?

… repair or install boilers?

… want to learn if your boiler room is benefiting from the latest technology and how your boiler room can be more efficient?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, plan to attend BOILER 2022 in Dallas on April 11-13, presented by the American Boiler Manufacturers Association (ABMA).

I have been working with boilers for more than 40 years, and I’m convinced this event will be like no other, with more than 75 manufacturers of boilers and boiler room equipment and two action-packed days with everything you wanted to know about the boiler room.

How often do you get a chance to engage directly with the manufacturers of your boiler equipment, see the latest technologies for your boiler room, and learn about how to ensure your boiler is operating effectively?

Who should attend?

Anyone responsible for maintaining, installing, designing, purchasing, or consulting to boiler facilities.

If you have a boiler in your facility or building, you probably wonder if your boiler room is benefiting from the latest technology and what the future holds.

How do I manage changing emissions requirements?

What's going to happen with fossil fuels?

Where will the cost of fuels go?

BOILER 2022 will answer these questions and help you navigate the future of your facility.

Educational Opportunities

The following are just some of the educational sessions planned for the event.

  • Boiler Contingency Plans;
  • Decarbonization of the Energy Intensive Industries;
  • The SCR approach for Ultra-Low NOx Compliance;
  • Evolution of the Boiler Technician;
  • Boiler Inspection & Impact of Code Changes;
  • When Retrofit Make Sense – Analyzing the Investment Options;
  • Understanding Drum Level Instrumentation;
  • Future of Alternative Fuels in the Boiler Room; and
  • Boiler Types and Applications.

Still Need a Reason to Attend BOILER 2022?

How about the chance to meet and hear from an astronaut? Admit it, how many times did you look into the night sky as a child and wonder what it would be like to be up there? The keynote speaker for the event is retired U.S. Navy SEAL and NASA astronaut Cpt. Chris Cassidy. The following is a brief description of Captain Cassidy and his talk.

Mission: Possible — It's in You. Retired U.S. Navy SEAL and NASA astronaut Cpt. Chris Cassidy never let fear or uncertainty stop him from achieving his goals. After almost missing his application deadline, a young Cassidy was accepted to the U.S. Naval Academy when an admissions officer identified the potential within and decided to take a chance on him. It was a 30-second conversation that would shape his life in the years to come.

In this talk, Cassidy shares his personal story with the audience — both from his time as a Navy SEAL and a NASA astronaut — about the importance of persevering in the face of adversity and on the path to success. Drawing on lessons-learned on the battlefield and in space, Cassidy inspires groups to embrace the "never-quit" mindset and shows how it's in each and every one of us to recognize opportunities, shape them, and take action to thrive in clutch moments and achieve more than we thought was possible as we leave our marks in this world while bringing others up along the way.

How do I Learn More?

An all-access registration enables an attendee to fully experience BOILER 2022, including the keynote session, educational sessions, 75-plus boiler industry exhibitors in the expo hall, industry tours, social events, and much more. Supply chain partners can also purchase one- and two-day expo-only passes.

Ray Wohlfarth will be featured at BOILER 2022 in a Ask the Expert series in the Expo. Don’t miss his session, The Boiler Room Detective. Check for more details and updates.