Project Delivery Method: Integrated project delivery (IPD)

Project Type: Infrastructure improvements

Owner Team: Company CEO, building committee (preselected building managers), corporate leasing manager, corporate capital projects manager, and corporate facility manager

Project Delivery Team: IPD building information modeling (BIM) services consultant

Individual On-Site Project Teams: Building manager and facility manager

2019 HVAC Applications ASHRAE Handbook: Chapter 41, Computer Applications; Chapter 66, Codes and Standards; and Chapter 60, IPD and Building Design

Other References: U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) guidelines for BIM software and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) BIM standards


  • An international commercial building institution makes a corporate decision to update all of its building record drawings to 3D BIM computer-aided drawings (CAD)
  • This institution makes a corporate decision mandating all future building programs shall be completed using 3D BIM CAD software to generate contract drawings
  • BIM standards shall include the institution’s standard layers documenting operation and maintenance data, e.g., architectural flow plans with all water systems shut-off valves located on the drawing.

Program Goals

  • Functional Goals: operation and maintenance documentation and safety and security documentation
  • Future Construction Documentation BIM Application Goal:
  1. Design concept phase — architect-engineer (AE) consultants per project
  2. Design development (DD) phase — AE
  3. Construction documents (CD) phase — AE
  4. Construction delivery phase – general contractor (GC), construction manager (CM), or IPD team, per project
  5. Closeout phase (as-built and record drawings) — GC / AE
  • Timeline Goal: To be completed at each of the institution's 20 commercial sites by June 2022
  • Maintenance Goal: To be in sync with the institution’s computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) system

    • The IPD team, including each building’s office manager, building facility manager, and third-party BIM service consultant, will facilitate the project
    • The IPD approach will include architectural, structural, HVAC, plumbing, fire protection, electrical, and telecommunication record drawings
    • The IPD team, which includes corporate management’s building committee of building managers, the leasing manager, capital projects manager, and facility manager — along with a new corporate BIM manager — will design-construct, operate, and maintain BIM contract document standards for all future capital projects, new and tenant fit-out
    • The IPD team BIM standards shall include a separate leasing agreement layer documenting the square footages, lease start and end date, and cost per square foot
    • The IPD team will establish BIM security and a resiliency layer that will include the site plan showing potential security concerns, e.g., air intakes
    • Each building’s facility manager/staff will assist in confirming the location of equipment and devices, e.g., smoke dampers, fire alarm devices, etc., in sync with the other team members documenting existing conditions.  
    • Two-dimensional building elevations shall not be used
    • The BIM service consultant shall coordinate a barcoding process in sync with the corporate facility manager’s CMMS system population of equipment with bar codes

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