HOUSTON — RectorSeal®, a manufacturer of HVACR and plumbing tools and accessories, and a wholly-owned subsidiary of CSW Industrials Inc., has introduced Draft-Block™ Orange, a fire-blocking, expanding, polyurethane foam sealant for use by trade professionals across North America.

Draft-Block Orange is a filler that expands up to three times to fill, bond, and insulate a wide assortment of applications. As a low-pressure, one-component product, it adheres readily to wood, glass, metal, tile, concrete, and most plastics. Beyond its fire blocking benefits, Draft-Block Orange helps to reduce sound transmission.

Available in a 12-ounce aerosol can, Draft-Block Orange fills voids, cracks, crevices, and small cavities on flat and irregular surfaces. After curing, Draft-Block Orange is an odorless, noncorrosive, nonreactive inert substance.                                            

As indicated in the product name, its orange color makes it easily identifiable during use. As a polyurethane foam, Draft-Block Orange is completely dielectric and contains no urea or formaldehyde. When properly applied, Draft-Block Orange dries tack-free in approximately five minutes. It is cuttable within one hour and fully cured within 12-24 hours. When fully cured, Draft-Block Orange is resistant to water and outdoor exposure. The product adheres to UL evaluation report R40378-01 and achieves an ASTM E84 rating.

Draft-Block Orange offers outstanding performance when used in voids around plumbing and utility penetrations to stop drafts and prevent the intrusion of insects and other pests. Additional use includes sealing around windows, air conditioners, ducts, and vents and providing energy-saving features in heating and cooling installations. Draft-Block Orange can help seal voids in siding, door jams, foundations, and concrete joints. For more information, visit www.rectorseal.com