RectorSeal® LLC has introduced AC Leak Freeze® Pro, a refrigerant leak sealant applicator for residential and commercial refrigeration and air conditioning systems.AC Leak Freeze Pro is an 11.5-in-long applicator that consists of a flexible, transparent refrigeration hose and an attached copper reservoir, which contain a total 1.46-ounces of the same ac leak sealant formula as the d syringe-based AC Leak Freeze injector. AC Leak Freeze Pro doesn't require a system pump down with R-410A systems and safely withstands all typical refrigerant pressures.

The Pro applicator is designed for use with 1.5 to 6-ton systems and is available with both the blue AC Leak Freeze and green AC Leak Freeze with Magic Frost formulas, the latter which contains a compressor life-extending lubricant additive.

One side of the hose connects to the refrigeration system's low side. The AC Leak Freeze formula is propelled into the system within seconds once the hose's reservoir is connected to either the high side or a refrigerant cylinder via a charging manifold. The disposable, one-time-use, AC Leak Freeze Pro applicator's nylon hose, brass fittings, and copper reservoir are all 100% recyclable.  

Officials also said the patent-pending refrigerant leak sealant formula is not moisture activated and doesn't use polymers that can potentially clog compressors, recovery/evacuation units, Schrader valves, capillary tubes, TXV valves, micro channels, or manifold gauges.