DANBURY, Conn. — Belimo Americas released a new line of thermal energy meters designed to EN1434 for accurate flow and energy measurement equipped for IoT-based billing. The energy meters have a patented glycol compensation algorithm that automatically selects the correct glycol concentration to provide proper flow and energy measurement, ensuring reliable performance and eliminating manual input and inaccuracy from hydronic heating and cooling systems. Key features include:

  • Optional PoE (Power over Ethernet) simplifies installation; 
  • BAS integration via BACnet MSTP/BACnet IP and Modbus RTU Modbus IP;
  • Easily set or adjust parameters using NFC or a web server; 
  • Ethernet connectivity supports remote IoT metering and billing; and
  • Built-in data logger captures energy, flow, and operational data for system optimization and efficiency.


"The growing market demand for energy monitoring confronted us all with challenges until now,” said Scott Reed, product manager, Belimo Americas. “Our new thermal energy meters are a great addition to our offering. The trusted flow and thermal energy measurement are essential in maximizing HVAC system efficiency.”

The thermal energy meters, 22PE series, incorporate an ultrasonic transit time technology with no moving parts eliminating wear over time. Each unit is individually wet calibrated to ensure accuracy and repeatability over the life of the product. The 22PE series offers reliable measurement of energy consumed, providing customers with the information required to analyze their consumption and control costs. The 22PE series are now available in sizes ½ to 2 inches. For more information, visit www.belimo.com