VANCOUVER, Wash. — DIGISTOR®, a provider of secure Data At Rest (DAR) storage solutions, announced its Series C secure SSDs, the first Digistor SSDs to add Cigent® D3E cybersecurity software. The new SSDs broaden the company’s comprehensive solutions and virtually eliminate the barrier to securing DAR with military-grade encryption for hardware and software. 

The company announced that its full line of FIPS 140-2 L2 certified SSDs are undergoing Common Criteria certification, added multidrive support for Citadel SSDs, and introduced the Citadel GL SSD, which prevents unauthorized access to data where no monitor or screen is available for user interaction.

“These new solutions extend our ability to protect DAR from client to server applications, help speed time-to-use, and protect vital information with military-grade security,” said Robin Wessel, Executive vice president, CDSG. “Digistor offers the industry’s widest scope of solutions at COTS pricing for secure data storage so military and defense customers can effectively and quickly address increasing and varied cyberthreats to our nation’s security.” 

The C Series SSDs augment Digistor self-encrypting SSDs with easily implemented, flexible file-level encryption and allow users to choose whether files are always locked or dynamically locked based on AI threat detection. Once locked, files are available only to authenticated individuals. The C Series supports multi-factor authentication, including Windows Hello - Facial Recognition, Fingerprint, PIN, Google Authenticator, and third-party authentication solutions, like Cisco Duo. Digistor’s C-Series TCG Opal and FIPS 140-2 SSDs are available in Q4 2021, with additional products anticipated in before the end of the year and in early 2022.

The new Citadel GL SSD extends pre-boot authentication (PBA) to UAVs, sensors, appliances, and other headless” applications. In addition, they prevent unauthorized access to data where no monitor or screen is available for user interaction. 

Additional Citadel SSDs are now available to support multiple SSD (multidrive) installations in tactical servers or PCs. Multidrive allows an authorized user to authenticate to a single SSD, unlocking access to all Citadel SSDs in the system. For more information, visit