MILWAUKEE — The new RTUToolkit app by Johnson Controls for Android and iOS allows contractors to simply scan a unique QR code on each rooftop or enter a serial number to enable on-demand access to unit-specific details, such as system start-up instructions, installation information, operating documents, warranty information, wiring diagrams, and promotional warranty registration. The app also offers direct connection to technical support.

The RTUToolkit gives contractors all system information in one easy-to-use app at their fingertips to minimize frustration on the rooftop. Key features on the app include access to product details and features, start-up guides and contact information for technician support.

With a simple scan of a QR code, technicians can see all information about a commercial rooftop unit they’re installing or servicing, such as operating documents, warranty information, wiring diagrams and promotional warranty registration. This provides clarity and minimizes frustration on the job.

Start-up guides are easily available to provide information for pre-start, functionality and control circuit check. This ensures for a smooth system installation.

The RTUToolkit includes all contact information a technician would need for issues on or off the job site, saving them time and ensuring they have the support they need. For more information,