MILWAUKEE — Johnson Controls, a provider of smart, healthy, and sustainable buildings, has joined the Digital Twin Consortium (DTC), an organization dedicated to continued development of digital twin technology. The organization’s membership includes dozens of technology leaders, such as Autodesk, Microsoft, Lendlease, GE Digital, and Northrop Grumman.

Johnson Controls joins a collaborative organization that pools resources in the development of digital twin technology, allowing the group to stay on top of the latest technological advances and help influence standards for adoption. The DTC aims to drive innovation through consistent architecture and design methods, open-source collaboration, and the establishment of best practices for digital twin advancement.

“By joining the DTC, Johnson Controls will drive the requirements for digital twin standards across built environments to help align providers and system integrators while offering more value to customers who invest in digital twins,” said Vijay Sankaran, vice president and chief technology officer, Johnson Controls. “We continuously advocate the benefits of the digital twin concept among our partners and customers. Doing so helps Johnson Controls develop deep relationships with DTC members, and we expect these connections to be a tremendous driver of digital twin innovation.”

Participation in the consortium also reinforces the mission by Johnson Controls to support its customers’ needs for smart and healthy building technology. As a result, Johnson Controls improves living and workspaces for building occupants while delivering valuable insights to facility operators.

“The value of this membership comes from aligning digital and physical products from Johnson Controls, namely our OpenBlue suite of healthy building technologies, with DTC to ensure the interoperability of our customers’ investments,” said Jason Pelski, director, digital platforms, Johnson Controls. “Further, the organization is creating an expanded digital twin ecosystem that serves the industry as a whole, allowing more integration and driving partnerships that increase the digital twin value chain.”

OpenBlue is a complete suite of connected solutions that delivers impactful sustainability, new healthy occupant experiences and improved safety and security. This includes a suite of tailored, AI-powered service solutions, such as remote diagnostics, predictive maintenance, compliance monitoring and advanced risk assessments. Among those offerings is OpenBlue Digital Twin, a managed service for the enablement and mapping of smart buildings that is facilitated by the harmonization, linking and analysis of facility data.

“Johnson Controls is a significant addition to the Digital Twin Consortium thanks to its dedication to sustainability and healthy building technology. Its efforts and leadership to support healthy people, healthy places and a healthy planet made Johnson Controls a unanimous choice to join our organization,” said Dr. Richard Soley, executive director of Digital Twin Consortium.

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