CHELTENHAM, U.K. — Compact and versatile, the MagnaClean DRX™ magnetic dirt filter by ADEY® provides a highly effective solution for removing magnetite from light commercial systems with space-restricted mechanical rooms and larger systems (above 4 inches) in a side-stream application.

The MagnaClean DRX consists of an external magnetic belt containing high-performing neodymium magnets wrapped around a precision-engineered, 304L stainless-steel canister. As system water passes through the canister, magnetite is captured by the intense magnetic field. The belt unclips, disengaging the magnetite from the magnets, ready to be quickly and easily flushed out of the filter’s drain point.

Built to ASME standards, MagnaClean DRX is available in 2-inch (with 48 magnets), 3-inch (64 magnets), and 4-inch (80 magnets) pipe dimensions and only requires a 6-inch servicing clearance. For more information, visit