The ADEY® MagnaClean™ DRX magnetic dirt filter provides a highly compact and cost-effective solution for removing debris and black iron oxide sludge from commercial hydronic heating systems, according to the company. The filter can be installed in-line or side-stream and in either a vertical or horizontal orientation making it an ideal solution for maintenance or renovation applications where mechanical-room space is limited.

While removing virtually all magnetite, the company said the patented design of the MagnaClean DRX puts nothing in the flow pattern of system water. This ensures that the filter does not negatively impact the heating system’s ability to meet demand. As a result, the versatile DRX can be installed inline or side-stream and in either a vertical or horizontal orientation.

Spring-loaded magnets ensure that the magnets align properly with the canister, maximizing capture. Weighing only 11 to 18 pounds, all three MagnaClean DRX models can be installed by a single mechanic, reducing manpower without sacrificing installation speed.