WATERLOO, Ontario, Canada — Jaga Climate Systems, a manufacturer of heating and cooling solutions designed with the environment in mind, announced the availability of its Dynamic Boost Hybrid (DBH) technology in North America. Ideal for use with low-water temperature systems, such as heat pumps, solar energy, and condensing boilers, Jaga’s powerful new DBH unit connects to a hydronic fin tube element, forcing convection and increasing the efficiency of the device to provide quick, powerful and quiet heat. 

“A lot of hydronic systems that use a condensing boiler or heat pump require a large convector to heat the room,” said Cyrus Kangarloo, P.E., North American operations manager, Jaga. “The DBH allows you to substantially reduce the size of the heat emitter. Without any extra control necessary, it delivers the appropriate level of heat to maintain a consistent, comfortable indoor climate. DBH is almost inaudible and works with a variety of wall-mounted, free-standing, and trench solutions.”

Giving users more control over individual room temperatures, DBH further reduces the need for unnecessary heating and overheating. Easily installed during new construction or added during building retrofits, units can be programmed to run to their own automated schedules or set to respond to direct input via an aquastat. The DBH fans will be triggered automatically whenever hot water flows through a fin tube element.  

Powered by 24VDC, it uses even less energy at its highest speed than a television on standby mode. Once the room reaches the desired temperature, water stops flowing through the fin tube element, the DBH fans will turn off. With the DBH fans, users can expect to see almost double the heat output compared to a non-fan-powered element.

“As we look for better ways to control our heating and cooling systems while reducing their overall energy consumption, DBH offers a useful new tool for reducing the environmental footprint of our buildings,” added Kangarloo. “Keeping heating water temperatures low and combining them with heat emitters that are meant to work appropriately with these lower water temps is crucially important for comfortable, efficient buildings.”

For more information, please visit www.jaga-canada.com.