Heat Pipe Technology (HPT) is now offering a “split passive” HRM-V™ with Dynamic Seasonal Offset™. HPT says its growing line of heat pipes offers economical and reliable energy recovery from building exhaust air for preheating or precooling of ventilation air. Now, the new HRM-V™ line with Dynamic Seasonal Offset™ optimizes the energy recovery performance of HVAC systems where supply and exhaust air streams are on the same level.

The HRM-V™ line supply and exhaust sections are equipped with integral, partial-face dampers and actuators on the entering side of both air-supply and air-exhaust sections of an HVAC system. Performance enhancement of the HRM-V™ line can be achieved by tuning the dampers to direct air flow through sections of the heat pipes to create an offset effect.

The company claims the design of the HRM-V™ line optimizes energy recovery performance of HVAC systems by 20% to 35% over older side-by-side (no offset) designs. Plus, in another advance for HPT, the HRM-V™ line attains equal amounts of energy recovery from both the heating and cooling sides of the HVAC system where it is installed.

HPT has acquired certification to AHRI standard 1060 for this new product and for the rest of HPT’s HRM-V™ split passive line. With the addition of the HRM-V™ product line, all of HPT’s energy recovery products are now certified to AHRI standard 1060, as well as ETL listed to UL standard 207.