MUNICH, Germany — Siemens unveiled its Climatix® Rooftop Unit (RTU) optimization solution, designed for millions of smaller to medium-size buildings, such as small offices, retail, grocery and convenience stores, restaurants, K-12 facilities, and houses of worship. This market relies mostly on basic thermostat control for heating and cooling and faces increasing pressures to reduce costs. The controller-driven solution addresses a gap in the market to improve energy efficiency, IAQ (including fresh air intake circulation), and overall building comfort — without having to add a complete building automation solution. It also includes remote management service that allows HVAC mechanical and controls contractors to gain real-time access to RTU performance data through the Internet, saving time and money by eliminating system downtime and unnecessary truck rolls. 

“We set out to deliver a better rooftop unit management solution unlike any other that’s designed with efficiency in mind for both contractors and building owners,” said John Karczmarczyk, vice president, Siemens Smart Infrastructure USA. “This new solution has been tested and deployed working closely with our channel partners, to provide a true turnkey solution at an affordable price.” 

RTUs have an average product lifespan of 15-25 years, with 90% of them continually running at a single fan speed regardless of need, creating inefficiencies. Without proper maintenance, equipment performance can decline over time, leading to poor IAQ, poor temperature management, nuisance noise, increased energy bills, and unexpected system downtime with more costly repairs.

The Climatix RTU solution is designed for plug-and-play installation, with pre-terminated inputs and outputs reducing labor costs for contractors. The Climatix RT controller is pre-engineered with predefined applications designed specifically for RTUs and paired with Siemens sensors, the new Climatix VFD, and OpenAir® actuators to optimize installation, commissioning, and performance. The Climatix VFD has its sequence of operations specially programmed into the Climatix RT controller which helps contractors save hundreds of hours in training and commissioning.

During this pandemic time, when IAQ and proper ventilation is critical, this new solution helps building owners address these concerns, maximizing fresh outdoor air to the fullest extent possible with three applications tailored to optimize indoor air quality and energy efficiency.

Climatix IC® remote management software works with the Climatix RT controller and the Climatix mobile app for RTU configuration, commissioning, and operations. The mobile app allows for secure monitoring, alarming, troubleshooting, and program updates of equipment installed at multiple locations. Set points and schedules can also be adjusted remotely.

Remote connectivity makes commissioning new RTUs faster and easier — even by junior technicians or apprentices working on their own. Remote monitoring also makes it easier to identify and troubleshoot potential system issues before dispatching service technicians on-site.

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