KINGSTON, N.H. — Howard McKew, P.E., FASHRAE, president of Building Smart Software, and longtime columnist for Engineered Systems, has released a new book, “A Practitioner's Guide to Management in the Building Industry.”

This book is a three-part professional development publication, applicable to anyone active in the HVAC segment of the design, construct, operate, and maintain business. Part 1 focuses on sharing practical experience in one's own professional development, part 2 helps educate readers on how to better manage a project, and part 3 provides a practitioner's approach to managing a group or a small company.

There are 15 useful, time-tested templates to assist readers in developing their own libraries of quality-controlled, standardized documents to improve their professional development, project management, and management of the group readers are responsible to oversee or strive to oversee.

McKew draws upon his own diverse technical and professional experience to assist readers in their own goals to be successful in the building industry. For more information, click here.