Steam sterilization is a simple, advantageous, and widely used method in the fight against bacteria, fungi, viruses, and even spores. A steam sterilizer, commonly called an autoclave, uses steam heated to 250°–275°F under pressure. With the air removed from the autoclave, steam sterilization combines temperature, pressure, and time to reach decontamination. 

Compared to dry heat sterilization, steam proves to be not only faster but also more efficient in inactivating all resistant bacterial spores. Only reaching temperatures of 250° upwards ensures that spores are definitely eliminated, as it has been proven that spores still survive at 212°, the temperature of boiling water. 

Typical sterilization cycles (at 269°-275°) take three to four minutes of exposure time, depending on the surface of the objects. By manipulating any of the three parameters (time, temperature, or pressure), autoclaves guarantee aseptic objects ready to be reused in the most demanding sectors and applications, such as the medical and pharmaceutical branches as well as in any food and beverage processing industry. Furthermore, a steam cycle is monitored mechanically, chemically, and biologically. 

Steam sterilization is fast and efficient as well as safe and easy to control. Apart from autoclaves, steam allows for in-situ sterilization of tanks, filters, filling lines, KEG filling machines, etc. CERTUSS ensures rapid generation and continuous high quality of steam, which contributes to cost-efficient and rigorous cleaning in place (CIP) to every brewery size.

While autoclaves solely utilize steam to disinfect, other types of sterilizers can use chemicals, high pressure, filtration, irritation, or a combination of these methods to eliminate living organisms. CERTUSS’s focus lies on a clearly defined product line, systematic research and development, and a team of experienced and trained professionals to produce equipment that complies with American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and UL regulations as well as International Organization of Standardization (ISO) 9001-2015 and Pressure Equipment Directive (PED). CERTUSS ensures steam supply of 5-134 BHP/unit and modular design for maximum flexibility: one feed-water skid for up to four boilers, providing for N+1 redundancy with less installed BHP, peak-time coverage, and future capacity enlargements. CERTUSS’s technology boasts operational safety, thermal efficiency greater than 87%, a start-up time of three to five minutes, and a small footprint.