GRANDVIEW, Mo. — Ruskin® announces air control dampers for data centers designed to maintain proper environmental conditions and ensure optimal performance of information and technology equipment.

 The CD50DC, CD60DC, and TED50DC dampers also offer a new coupler option that joins two damper sections without a jackshaft. This allows an actuator to be mounted on the side of the frame and deliver a narrow profile when space is limited. In addition, the DC models have enhanced operational performance with less moving parts on larger multi-section high sizes. The CD60DC is available in galvanized steel, while the CD50DC and TED50DC are available in extruded aluminum.

“Air control dampers play a vital role in data centers and must consistently perform at optimal levels,” said Mike Coyazo, product manager, air control solutions, Ruskin. “These data center models are designed with high-performing airfoil blades and meet stringent AMCA [Air Movement and Control Association] standards for leakage to ensure infrastructure reliability.”

All models provide the lowest AMCA leakage rating of 3 cfm/ft2 at 1-inch w.g., which meets the requirements of the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). The CD50DC features extruded aluminum airfoil blades for minimal pressure drop and a reinforced frame. The CD60DC includes one-piece, roll-formed airfoil blades for minimal pressure drop and a robust uniframe design. The TED50DC model offers superior overall performance, including thermal efficiency. Each blade has a break strategically placed between twin blade edge seals to eliminate thermal transfer and help reduce the potential for condensation.

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