GRANDVIEW, Mo. — The new CD450 and CD450V control dampers from Ruskin® are extruded aluminum models that use a 4-inch-wide frame design with finger-style jamb seals for a “light-tight” sealing effect. The CD450 and CD450V — which have horizontal and vertical blade orientations, respectively — are ideal for any HVAC application that requires high, energy-efficient performance.  

Both models were designed to control and regulate air movement in medium- to high-velocity and pressure HVAC systems. The CD450 and CD450V include airfoil blades with mechanically fastened blade seals that offer low pressure drop – and less noise – when open and achieve Class 1A leakage (3 cfm per square foot at 1-inch w.g.) performance when closed. Acetyl copolymer blade end caps enhance sealing against finger-style jamb seals. 

“These new, high-performance control dampers will help building owners, facility managers, contractors, and engineers improve energy savings in commercial buildings, including data centers, hospitals and office buildings,” said Mike Coyazo, product manager, air control solutions, Ruskin. “Energy efficiency is one of the greatest concerns in commercial buildings right now, and the CD450 and CD450V minimize energy loss.”   

Additional features add ease during installation and maintenance and also extend the life of the damper. A telescoping shaft provides up to an eight-inch extension for offset actuator mounting, while a coupler option allows two damper sections to be joined and operated by a single actuator on the outside of the frame. This space-saving option provides a narrower profile in tight areas. The durable designs include positive lock axles and non-corrosive bearings as well as shake-proof linkage that minimizes service needs. For more information, visit or