GRANDVIEW, Mo. — Ruskin® announces three new emergency generator inlet dampers (GenSet) designed to quickly open to relieve combustion air and pressure during emergency generator start-up. GenSets activate quickly to power areas without a grid, those that experience frequent outages, and in applications where outages could cause major issues or danger. The fast release of combustion air and pressure that dampers in GenSet rooms provide can prevent equipment damage and protect the surrounding area.  

The CD60GS, CD50GS, and TED50GS are specially equipped with new fast-acting RUS-GEN Series electric actuators that operate sections independently to allow for swift air relief. The factory-mounted, eight-second spring return actuator is housed within a NEMA 4X weather enclosure and tested to 40,000 open/closed cycles, offering durability and reliable performance.  

“Emergency generators typically start up within seconds, and GenSet rooms must have proper ventilation to safely support the combustion process,” said Mike Coyazo, product manager, air control solutions at Ruskin. “A damper’s actuator speed needs to be very fast to effectively exhaust combustion air and relieve pressure in time. That’s why we designed our GenSet dampers to actuate quickly and reliably.”   

All three GenSet models meet the lowest AMCA leakage rating – Class 1A – which allows maximum leakage of 3 cfm per square foot at 1-inch w.g. when blades are closed. The dampers feature parallel blade action for optimum performance and have mechanically fastened Santoprene blade edge seals along with shake-proof linkage to extend the life of the damper. 

The high-performing airfoil blades of the CD60GS are constructed of galvanized steel, while those of the CD50GS control damper are constructed of extruded aluminum. For thermally efficient performance, the TED50GS model has insulated, extruded aluminum airfoil blades. Each of its blades has a strategically placed break between twin blade edge seals that eliminates thermal transfer and minimizes condensation. For more information,